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Wedding website – How to put your story online

wedding website is one of the important resources you need to make your big day memorable and exciting. It must contain all the detailed info your guests will possibly need, photos and a whole lot of exciting moments you’ve had with your partner. If you are thinking of telling your friends about your wedding or want to cut the cost of printing a wedding invitation, creating a wedding website is the ideal solution for you. Nevertheless, creating a wedding website can sometimes be real work, and you will need some time, commitment and creativity. Preparing everything for your wedding and also trying to create a website where your guests, friends, and families can have all the detail about the special day isn’t an easy task. It can really eat up some part of your time and of your husband-to-be, but think of the result and the satisfaction of such a good work. You’ll be creating moments for always. So, I will like to give you some tips on how to make your journey to creating a wedding website easy and successful.

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Tips for creating a wedding website

1. Decide on the theme of the wedding website

While thinking about how you want your website to look like, you must, of course, consider the theme of your wedding. Maybe you and your partner love flowers and green life, so you decide to have a wedding website theme with lots of flowers. Also, you could fix your wedding for the spring season when there are many flowers for you to enjoy the freshness of the season and the lovely warm feeling of a flower garden. If you prefer a formal wedding, you should also think of creating a website with a style that compliments your wedding theme. Just think of the website as one with the wedding, and everything will flow.

2. Decide on your host, domain name and URL

Although there are several cloud hosting services online, you can make a quick research on the best one you can use for your wedding website. Personally, I will suggest you use Godaddy, Wix, WordPress, withjoy or The Knot, any of these is good for a wedding website building. They have free templates you can use for building your website and you will be hosted immediately. The steps are quite easy so you don’t have to worry. There are also free hosting plans that you can use to keep your website in the cloud for up to six months. Or you can sign up for a basic plan with a minimum cost of $5 per month. Talking about your URL, you will be given a suggested URL and domain name based on the information you input for building the website. That makes it easy, isn’t it? Other ideas to name your wedding website could be your names, your names + the date, “wedding at” + the name of the place (if it’s really special). I’m sure you will find the perfect combination!

3. Make all the details of the wedding available

You should make the wedding website available in time for your guest to view. Therefore, before you start building the website you should make sure all the info you will be uploading on the web is available.
You will need to get your photos ready: you can upload photos from your happy moments, pre-wedding photos, pictures of places you’ve visited together. Don’t forget your wedding details like time, event location, online invitation, RSVP (please reply), information on the direction to the wedding and reception location. You can also include a brief description of how you met, the proposal, and your color code or dressing code (if you have one), details on the event planning, your event crew, your fashion designer, and even a blog page.
If you want more ideas about what to put on the website, you may be interested in reading our post about how to organize a wedding.

4. Get your wedding guests informed

Make sure you include your wedding website on the invitation cards and if you are sending IV cards online, send your site address into your guest’s email box. This is to make sure that only and all your guest know about your wedding website. Since you will be sharing personal info on the website, you might have to use a password, then make sure only your guest has the password too.

5. Keep your wedding site updated

Keep posting information on your wedding website till the day of the wedding, when you will upload the last picture. If you will have to make any changes upload it as fast as possible.

6. Keep your wedding website simple and fun

Make sure the site interface is simple for easy navigation and it must be fun and exciting.

Wedding website creation and tips
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I’m sure you’ll get it done right! If you think is too much work, you can contact some professional web designer to put everything online. They can do it faster and easier, but personally, I think that doing wedding website by yourself is more personal, exciting and can be a nice couple-work. Everything that creates memories about one of the most special days in your life is a good time spent.
Lots of love,


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