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Wedding photography tips and ideas

wedding photography tips for your big day? Don’t worry, we have some awesome ideas for you. I promise you will look absolutely gorgeous. Just before your big day, you must be ready to take lots of photos with your spouse, friends, and families. Pictures are what remind us of special occasions and events in our lives, especially a wedding occasion. I’m sure you will remind all the memories from such a special day, but I’m also sure that you will love to have them immortalized forever in some beautiful photos. Your wedding day may seem a little chaotic day, so it will be better for you if you are prepared with the following wedding photography tips. I’m sure you and the camera will be close friends at the end of these:

Wedding photography tips:

Be photo conscious

Your wedding day is a day that all your family and friends including the photographer will want to take photos of every step and action that you take as a bride. Which means you will probably be surprised by a camera in many moments. So remember to be photo conscious as much as you can.

Always put up a smiling face

Make sure that you are always smiling so that the photos can come out great. When you smile as a bride, you will look more beautiful and radiant. I’m sure you will be full of happiness that day, so remember to show it with a big and true smile.

Keep your head and eyes straight looking at the camera

Being in the photo with the eyes closed can be a total nuisance. It’s normal for you to think that you don’t want to be posing all day, and you may like some more natural photos. But when you see a camera, remember to look straight at it, I’m sure you will look gorgeous. If you are afraid of the flashlight coming from the camera, you can always ask your photographer to adjust the camera to auto mode so that you wouldn’t need the flashlight. Even if you will have to turn your neck make sure that your eyes look straight towards the camera.

Learn your best photo posture

There are several good postures for wedding photography. You can practice some of them that you find comfortable and best for you before the big day. Try out different posing styles like, how to angle your body, taking pictures with your best side, placing your legs, using your tongue, etc. See this example postures at the Veronica Hansen wedding photography website.

wedding photography postures
 Mariana & Pedro Real Wedding

Be relaxed

The fact that you are photo conscious does not mean you should be nervous. Feel relaxed and be yourself. Let the inner glow flow out of you. Make sure that you are tension free. You can try postures that support leaning against your partner if you feel a little tension.

Wear a red matte lipstick

This is one of the major wedding photography tips you will be grateful for. Wearing a red matte lipstick will make your teeth appear more whitish and shiner in the photos. It will also make you look more elegant and classic.

Make sure your hair is not roughen

Weddings can be crazy, but I’m sure you want your hair to stay in its place for the photos. Ask your maid of honor to always stand close to you to help you re-adjust your hair and a touch-up for your makeover if necessary.
As you see, there are some photography tips and ideas, but the most important one is to feel relaxed and confident with yourself. It’s your big day, I’m sure you don’t want to spoil it being too obsessed with photos. And by the way! If you want some more advises for your photo shootings, in this post you have some recommendations my photographer friend Veronica Hansen wrote some time ago for being the picture-perfect bride.
I will love to see your photos if you’re a Mimètik Bride (or bridesmaid)! You can send them to ♥ I hope you felt inspired.
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  1. Dear Mireia, I would like to appreciate the valuable inputs you have provided in getting a beautiful wedding photography a success without being over cautious about being clicked and tension free. Your words can create immense confidence in a to-be-wed couple to be themselves during the celebrations.

    1. Hi Nadhiya!
      Thank you so much for your comment! I’m glad you liked the post, and I appreciate a lot your beautiful words ♥
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