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natural wedding makeup

Are you planning a wedding date and thinking about how to make your wedding makeup a special one? You need no worries, I will show you a few tricks on how to make your wedding makeup a unique, gorgeous and a really special one.

Every bride considers her wedding day a special day of her life and will usually want to look her best on this day with a special wedding makeup. You know, lots of photos will be taken, both new and old friends will be met and old family members will reunite on this special wedding occasion.

Ok! Come on and let’s make the day special ♥

Best wedding makeups you can explore.

Many brides and bridesmaid make the mistake of thinking that a heavy wedding makeup will make them more beautify. But no, you can make it light and unique and still look gorgeous in the photos. In fact, this is my favorite option for makeups. I think it has to boost the natural beauty of a bride (or a woman in general), and not to hide it behind a lot of layers and layers of colored powder.

A natural wedding makeup look

If you are not used to applying makeups before, going for a natural wedding makeup look will be better. You will feel happy and more comfortable, and more important: you will feel yourself. Here’s how to do it:

My tips & how to:

Shape your eyebrow and apply a brow primer and a little eyeliner to make the contour bolder and a nude eye shadow. You should also brush your eyelashes with a matte mascara, then apply lightly a sheer foundation on your face. You can make your face more radiant and shinning by applying a matte liquid red or pink bytheclique lipstick. The matte lipstick will keep your lips wet and last longer throughout the party.

Natural wedding makeup how to
Natural Wedding Makeup ideas

A matte wedding makeup look

This is good for you if you are already used to having light makeups on your face but really want a unique one on your special day. Many bridals prefer a matte makeup look, one that stays fresh throughout the party and will not wipe off easily with sweat. Achieving this special look is simple, an eyeliner is good for your eyebrows.

My tips & how to:

Apply a matte liquid foundation evenly on your face, you should choose one that matches your skin color. You will finally achieve that glowing appearance with a red or violet purple matte liquid lipstick. The color of your eye shadow should be a lighter shade of your lipstick color.

Matte wedding makup
Matte wedding makeup example

A classic wedding makeup look

If you want something classic and timeless, a classic wedding makeup look will be the best option for you.

My tips & how to:

Apply a concealer to cover up any pump on your face, fill in your eyebrow with a retractable bow pencil, you can also use eyeliner and a matte primer. Make a smoky eye shadow with a nude and dark color. A matte liquid mascara will give you full blown long eyelashes. Then apply your powder and spray your face with D2O hydration spray to help lock in the powder. A baby brown or pink matte bytheclique lipstick will help bring out the smiling look.

Classic Wedding MakeUp
Classic wedding makeup tips

Wedding makeup tips

1. Use powders with a shade that complement your skin color
2. Use bright colored lipstick, preferably red to complement the white color of your dress. It will also make your teeth look more whitish in the photos.
3. Have a trial wedding makeup before the ‘W’ day so that you can know the makeup look that best fits you.
4. Maintain a smiling eyes
5. Decide on how you want to look on your wedding day.
6. Carefully choose your makeup products. A waterproof makeup product will be the best.

You are going to look gorgeous!

You know that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and follow your own style, you don’t want to be heavily made up in your great day! So relax, I’m sure you’ll be radiating on your wedding day. I wish you the best!




PS: You can take a look at this tutorial by the instagramer Chloe Morello:


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