Wedding dress cleaning


Cleaning a wedding dress is one of the major challenges that most brides are faced with after the wedding day especially if you don’t want to take the dress to a dry cleaner.

Cleaning a wedding dress can be an uneasy task especially if your wedding dress has many layers and the fabric is thick. Coupled with the many embroideries on the dress, you might require some professional skills to get the dress cleaned.

To clean the wedding dress, you must make sure that the dirt at the hem is removed, and the oil and sweat stain too. You might not really find this funny, but I’m sure it’s worthy; you don’t want your wedding dress to be kept dirty in your wardrobe.

Ready to take up the challenge of your wedding dress cleaning?

Here are some wedding dress cleaning tips you should consider

  1. The dress material: you must be sure of how to handle the wedding dress material so that you don’t cause unnecessary damage to the dress. Some sample wedding dress materials are satin, taffeta, lace, chiffon, organza, tulle, and charmeuse.
  2. Use the right cleaning product: check out the right cleaning product suitable for the wedding dress material. Don’t use stain removals that are too harsh on the material that can cause damage to the fabric
  3. Don’t use the washing machine: using the washing machine can cause discoloration as the stains might spread to other areas on the fabric. Also, you will not be able to properly remove sweat stains from places like the armpit, sleeve, and neck region.
  4. Remove all detachable embroideries before you start washing: this is always the first thing to do but you have to be careful so that they don’t get spoilt. You will also be able to do a deep washing on every part of the fabric.
  5. Don’t scrub too hard with your hands or a hard brush

In an attempt to remove the stains, you might find yourself scrubbing the dress so hard with your hands or a hard brush. Instead, place a clean cloth underneath the stained area, apply your cleaning product and scrub gently.

How to clean a wedding dress

wedding dress cleaning

Here are simple steps for your wedding dress cleaning

  1.    Start with the hem: the wedding dress hem is the dirtiest part of the dress, so you should wash it first. Soak the hem in warm water filled with suitable cleaning product and stain removal for a few minutes and then wash with your hands. Don’t be too harsh on the cloth to prevent tearing.
  2.    Wash the neck and armpit to remove sweat stain: this is the second part of the wedding dress you are to wash. Place a cloth under the stained area while you scrub with your hands. If the fabric is thick you can use a soft brush.
  3.    Wash the sleeves and the chest region: while you wash the sleeve and the chest region, make note of any oil, drink or food stains. Apply some stain removal to clean.
  4.    Soak all the dress in warm water mixed with cleaning product and wash all the remaining parts together.
  5.    When you are done the washing, rinse the dress in clean water but do no squeeze. Hang the dress and allow to dry
  6.    Store in an appropriate closet.


As you see, cleaning by yourself your wedding dress can be a little stressful and puzzle your head. But I’m sure you will make it if you take your time and follow the instructions carefully. Also, if you have any doubt, I really recommend contacting the shop where you bought your wedding dress, so they can guide you better about cleaning it.


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