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Wedding Dress Alterations – Guides for a perfect wedding dress alterations

Wondering what a wedding dress alteration means? It means making simple changes to your wedding dress with the aim of making the dress fit your customized pattern and body shape. Most times wedding dress alteration is necessary for you to have a customized design and for comfortability. Some ready-made wedding dresses can perfectly fit your body’s shape if the dress is the one that adjusts to de body, and not the other way round. But other ready-made wedding dresses could not adjust so well, so you will need to make some adjustment on it. And since you might still have a few months to your wedding day, you can make some alteration so you can have your dream wedding dress. Altering a wedding dress does not reduce the value of the dress but rather makes you fall in love with the dress the more. Thinking about how to give your wedding dress a new look that perfectly fit your body shape? No worries, it’s quite simple and easy. Guides for a perfect wedding dress alterations

  1.    Let a pro help you out
If you feel your wedding dress need some alteration, check out for a pro seamstress who is specialized in bridal gowns to help you adjust the fittings. Don’t make the mistake of visiting a regular tailor who knows little or nothing about wedding gowns.
  1.    Have the picture of your dream wedding dress.
You should be able to explain vividly how you want the wedding dress to be altered. Maybe you could visit the seamstress with a photo as a example to modify your dress and get your dream wedding dress.
  1.    Start the wedding dress alteration early
You should fix a schedule for the wedding dress alterations depending or the amount of alteration you want to have in your wedding dress. Don’t start too early or too late. However, you can start two or three months before your wedding day.
  1.    Keep the hemline floor length
Keep the hemline in check while making the alteration. It’s good if the hemline is in floor length. You will have the comfort and freedom to walk freely during the wedding.
  1.    Visit the seamstress with your wedding shoes
I highly recommend you to buy your wedding shoes as soon as you choose your wedding dress and before making any alteration to it. By this way, you can be sure to have a perfect fitting and having the dress altered with the final look it will have on the wedding day. so remember to wear your wedding shoes on when taking your measurements.
  1.    Prepare a budget
Making a wedding dress alterations can take some more dollars from your pocket from what you expected. The amount of money you will spend depends on how much alteration that will be carried out on your dress. But I truly recommend making the wedding dress alterations if you really need them; it’s a super special day, you don’t want to be worried about little nuisances that could have been fixed with some little alterations.
  1.    Go for your final fitting with your maid of honor
Since your maid of honor is likely to be the one to help you with dressing on your big day, I recommend you to accompany you (if possible) to your final fitting, so she can learn how to handle the dress from the seamstress.
  1.    Speak out
Let the seamstress know exactly how you feel in the dress so that she will know if there should be any more adjustment. Don’t think you’re being picky and don’t say an “it doesn’t matter, it’s a little matter, things will get better in the wedding day”. Make your wedding dress the best you could have for your big day.   Wedding dress alterations may sound scary, but they’re not. Every little detail counts on your wedding day. You have to feel confident and convinced about everything. That’s the only way you’ll enjoy every moment of your special day. And even more if it’s about yourself and the way you will look. You have to be able to feel yourself in every moment.   Kind regards, Firma-Mireia]]>


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