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7 advices for ordering your custom dress

Deciding to order a custom dress is not an easy task. And less if you’re not an expert on fabrics, cuts and shapes. It’s possible that you don’t know were to start. And more if you want to order it online. Probably you’re afraid of not finding the dress that perfectly represents you. If you are the bride, I’m sure that all your friends have told you that you’ll find “your dress”. But maybe you’ve already tried a few and you like some of this and some of that. One possibility is to order a custom dress. The same happens when you are the sister of the bride or when you have an important event. I’ve put together a few tips based on my experience with my online customers, from what they tell me and what I see helps and makes them feel comfortable. Here you will find all the information you need to order your custom dress. Custom-Dress-Tulle-Skirt-Mimetik-Bcn
  1. A mood board will make everything come together

    It is so revealing. A mood board enlightens you in many cases, when you do not know what style to define, for example, to decorate your home. The same goes for your custom dress. Sign up on Pinterest and collect in a board all the pictures you can find that inspire you. After collecting a number of photos, take a couple of days off and then look at your mood board again. Can you draw any conclusion? Is there any style that defines most of your pictures? Any color? Any flower style? A hairstyle? A special material (tulle, silk, lace)?
Custom-Dress-Rustic-Wedding-Mimetik-Bcn If you like handmade projects, a good idea is to make a board with pictures of printed magazines and from Internet. As we did for inspiration makeup last photo shooting. Custom-Dres-Mood-Board-Mimetik-Bcn
  1. Communication is key

    When you work with a wedding and evening dresses designer and not with a big brand, you work directly with the creative. Most important of all is a great communication. Explain your ideas and do not be embarrassed to tell your budget. As advice, I’d say before making an appointment with the designer, look online what prices does she have, to see if they are within the amount that you thought to spend.It is also a good idea to look for testimonials and feedback from other brides or customers, whether you know anyone in person that has been her client, such as on Internet. It is very important that you feel comfortable with your designer. She is the expert and should help you understand the things you do not know. Who said you have to understand about fabrics and cutting patterns?Communication is even more important when you consider ordering your dress online. The message exchange must be fluent and you have to feel accompanied at all time. You can’t stay with doubts and insecurities. Think that a few years ago people thought it was too risky to buy a tailor-made dress online. All designers who sell through this channel we make an effort every day so that our clients perceive and feel us very close. You will be surprised to read some great reviews.
  2. Look at the style of your clothes

    This issue is very revealing. We all have a style and way of dressing which whom we communicate with the world. It’s your style, which one you feel comfortable with and people identify you. You are also aware of the dresses that suit you most. Watch your favorite dresses in your closet, those that when you’re wearing them you feel Miss World. Maybe this great dresses you have give you some clue to know what kind of dress you can start looking for.
  1. The right measure

    If you’re thinking about ordering your dress online, it is essential that your measurements are correct. That means you have to know your exact measurements that your designer needs. And know how you have to take these measures. I recommend that you ask someone to help you, since doing it yourself can be complicated and take some risks. You can always spend an afternoon with your best friend and have a great time while she takes your measurements.
Custom-Dress-Measures-Mimetik-Bcn Here I attach you a scheme that will help you know the measures which are normally used for most custom dresses. Print it and write your measurements down and add some more if your designer asks you.And ask her what are the measures she normally works with (inches or cm) to be sure that you are speaking the same language! Custom-Dress-How-to-measure-Mimetik-Bcn
  1. Comfort

    Remember that during your wedding day or celebration you’ll probably be many hours standing, moving up and down, talking and enjoying your guests. It is important that you are comfortable with the dress and shoes to make the most of your day. Do not lean on impossible designs that will make you be aware of the dress all the time or for shoes that keep you from walking. Even more if you’re not used to walking in heels.
Picture by Jena Saint Martin
  1. Flexibility

    Tip: If you are satisfied with the communication with your designer, if you’ve been reading excellent feedback about her work and you feel safe with her, let her advise you. Think that sometimes you imagine a design that seems beautiful, but once made, it doesn’t work well. So, when in doubt, trust the professional who is making your the dress. Sometimes we try to add much styles and concepts in one dress. Surely a dress with a huge neckline back, a giant skirt made of tulle, Sissi style, and a neckline to the navel will not work. Choose one concept for your dress, it is the winning option.
  1. It’s your dress, it’s you

    And my last tip for today. I know that everyone in your family and social circel is really excited for your wedding. Especially if you’re the first friend and/or daughter at home who is going to marry. But try not to involve many people in the choice of your dress. Everyone wants you to be radiant, but everyone has different tastes and sees you through their own eyes. Stick to the opinion of three or four people, but you take the final decision.
Custom-dress-lace-Mimetik-Bcn I hope these tips have helped you clarify what you have to consider when ordering a custom dress. I have explained the key to having a good personal relationship and trust in your designer. Also think that many times, relationships are a matter of feeling. Don’t be afraid to consult several designers before finding your perfect dress and designer. Most importantly, you have to feel comfortable and safe of your choice. Thank you very much for reading me! A big hug, see you next week <3 Firma-email-marketing-Mireia]]>


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Hi! My name is Mireia, creator of Mimètik Bcn and designer of women’s dresses for bohemian weddings.

2 thoughts on “7 advices for ordering your custom dress”

  1. There really is a lot that you have to take into consideration when buying a dress and it is great that the article covers so much. The article makes a particularly good point about looking over the style of your clothes first. That way, if you do need to make a custom dress or anything like that you can make sure it goes well with the other clothes in your wardrobe.

  2. Hi Callum!
    Thank you for your comment!
    Yes, I think it’s very important to know yourself first, and looking at your wardrobe can help a lot! 🙂
    Kind regards!

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