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New Bridal Collection Mimètik Bcn 2020

I’m super excited about this big news. At last here’s the New Bridal Collection Mimètik Bcn 2020. If you follow us on our instagram @mimetikbcn,you will have already seen the advances that we have been showing. Now it’s time for you to see everything we’ve been preparing over the last few months.

In this new collection of bride Mimètik Bcn you will see that we have a lot of novelties of different types: new models, materials, combinations… all possibilities!

Jane in embroidered tulle

The first big news of this new bridal collection Mimetik Bcn 2020 is our model Jane set in the new version crop top and skirt bride in a beautiful embroidered tulle. It is precisely the embroidered tulle that has our hearts completely stolen.

As you can see in the picture, our Jane Bohemian in embroidered tulle it’s a complete delight. The transparencies at the top create a super special feel, and the wedding skirt completes the gradient effect in a unique way.

nueva colección novia Mimetik Bcn Jane Bohemian
vestido novia tul bordado

You will see that this tulle has dreamy embroidery with maximum detail. I think it is in details like these that you can see the difference through subtlety without falling into the surcharge.

embroidered tulle wedding dress
embroidered tulle

And, as in many of our models, you also have the option to wear this set in a more daring way, highlighting the two pieces. It gives a very stylish, casual and youthful touch at the same time.

vestido novia dos piezas tul bordado

In addition, this tulle is also ideal to combine it with a champagne base, will give you a beautiful rustic touch. As you can see, in his version of Jane Romantic it is also a great choice for brides who want to go with a simpler look, but just as elegant.

rustic tulle wedding dress

This tulle is also perfectly combinable with other pieces in our collections. This can help you to give it a more unburdened touch if you like the beautiful embroidered tulle of this new MimètikBcn bridal collection, but you think the whole combination is something recharged for you.

My recommendations: Combine the embroidered tulle crop top with a tulle ivory skirt, or a tulle ivory bolero with the embroidered tulle skirt. You will be spectacular and with a more subtle air.

vestido novia nueva coleccion mimetik bcn
vestido novia sencillo tul
vestido novia sencillo tul

Overdress in embroidered tulle

Another of the new pieces in this bridal collection Mimètik Bcn 2020 is our new Overdress in embroidered tulle. It is an overcoat with kimono sleeve that creates a super ethereal look. Thanks to its type of sleeve, it has a super nice fall that, along with the transparencies, makes this an almost magical dress.

nueva coleccion novia Mimètik bcn 2020 tul

With this overcoated embroidered tulle, I recommend you try to create a short-long effect thanks to its combination with our tube dress. This is an ideal choice for brides who want a lighter look, such as summer brides.

vestido de tul bordado novia
vestido nova corto largo tul

And if you are one of those who votes for a heart attack back, I recommend that you join it with our Marie dress as a base. It will allow you to carry a back to the stunning air while giving you some extra fastening thanks to its thin and delicate straps.

sobrevestido de tul para novia
vestido de novia tul espalda escotada

Stepped accessory skirts

I am delighted to present you this piece from the new bridal collection bride Mimètik Bcn 2020. These are the new stepped tulle skirts. This new skirt model allows the dress to be made, a look with character and personality. It is available in tul ivory, in tul dotted ivory and in tulle golden dots, so you can choose the one that best suits your way of being.

vestido de novia falda escalonada
falda escalonada vestido de novia de tul
vestido novia falda volantes

You will see, that thanks to the details of the steps of the skirt, the dress has a beautiful movement and that leaves your presence wherever you pass.

falda escalonada de tul de novia
falda novia tul dorado

About top Marie

Finally, I want to introduce you to the Top Marie Envelope. At Mimètik we like to listen to all brides, with their needs and suggestions. Many of you asked us for a way to feel just as bohemian with our beautiful overlays, but you preferred a lighter version of our dresses. For that we have created the Marie overtop in lace and tulle.

Now you can feel free with the comfort and lightness of the Marie dress without giving up that feeling and possibilities of overcoat accessories.

top tul plumetti para novia
Top de novia dorado
top encaje para novia

In addition, you can decide if you prefer to combine it with a Marie top as a base, or if you bet on the tube top to create a more daring two-piece feeling.

You’ve got it available at tul plumetti, lace ivory, tul dotted ivory and tulle golden dots, so choose yours!

Vestido novia atrevido top tirantes

As you can see, it’s a lot of new pieces and textures that we’ve included in this new bridal collection Mimètik Bcn 2020. You know that our philosophy is to believe in the versatility and reuse of the pieces. That’s why we love having the possibility to create look by mixing models, textures and, in general, pieces to create the dress that best defines you.

I hope you were inspired ♥

Lots of love,


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Hi! My name is Mireia, creator of Mimètik Bcn and designer of women’s dresses for bohemian weddings.

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