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How to get your ideal wedding dress (and within a week!)

dress that goes with your personality? Do you want a relaxed bohemian wedding without pressure (or dresses that imprison you?). It’s not easy to find the dress that has everything, and if you are in a hurry and you don’t want to spend thousands of money on a dress that you will wear for a single day, it gets even more complicated. Don’t despair! In this post, I will tell you how to have your ideal wedding dress, and within a week!
I’ve made this Handbook for Brides in a Hurry to explain how my designs work, it’s super easy! I’m a bit embarrassed, but I’ve recorded this video to explain better my system so you can find your ideal wedding dress. And you will know me a little better, too 😉 [you can turn on the subtitles to understand me better!]

You’ll see that I guide you in the decision of your Bohemian wedding dress depending on what you are looking for and the time and budget you have. Short wedding dress, a long one, with or without sleeves, lace dress, tulle, simple …
In addition, in this handbook you’ll find everything you need to know in order to make your bohemian wedding dress come true through our “separates” option, where you can create your dress by adding the different pieces and materials that you choose.

How and when do you need your wedding dress?

The first step on the path you will follow to get your ideal dress will depend on what type of bride you are: if you are a Last Minute bride in a hurry (or on a tight budget), or a one size girl who has more time and prefers a ready-made dress, or if you want your wedding dress fully customized.

Which Mimètik Bcn collection do you like the most?

Here’s when you choose how you want your wedding dress to be in terms of shape (with sleeves or without, short or long, etc.). Don’t worry about the colors and materials, we’ll decide that later. As a tip, I recommend that you look at what time of year and where the wedding will take place, and if what you are looking for is more a ceremony dress or, on the contrary, a reception dress to welcome the guests and for the after party. This is where you decide which model you choose the most. I advise you that:

  • Choose the Gala if you are looking for a very versatile multiposition dress or if your wedding is in spring, summer or autumn
  • Choose the Frida if you are looking for a versatile dress with sleeves or if your wedding is in autumn or winter
  • Choose the Grace if you are looking for a short dress for the reception or after-wedding party or if your wedding is a relaxed wedding or a civil wedding in a garden or the beach

Let’s take a couple of examples…

Gala Vintage

If you liked the Gala collection and you want to get this Gala Vintage in champagne lace in “last minute bride in a hurry” mode it’s very simple, you just have to follow these steps:
To get this lace vintage wedding dress, you have to simply choose one of those options:

  • If you want it in two pieces: choose the Gala Essential + a Gala overdress in lace or tulle in the color you prefer. I recommend this option when you want the top and bottom of the dress of the same color and material
  • If you want it in three pieces: choose the Gala Essential + a cross top accessory and an accessory skirt, also in the materials and colors you prefer. This option is more advisable if you want to mix colors or materials (pink quartz lace on the straps and ivory tulle on the skirt, for example)

Frida Bohemian

If you liked the Frida more and you would like to get Frida Bohemian in ivory lace and tulle from the following photo, it’s also very simple, I explain it to you.
To get the look of this bohemian lace and tulle wedding dress, you have four options depending on the number of pieces you want to use:

  • 2 pieces. Frida essential + Frida overdress. In this option you get two full dresses that, thanks to their versatility, can adapt to several of the models that you will find in the manual. In this case, the overdress should be entirely in tulle or lace
  • 3 pieces. Skirt essential + tube top + Frida overdress. Here you would have the base dress separated into two pieces and then the accessory in one. This allows you to be able to reuse the pieces on different occasions. For example, if you wear the top with jeans, you’ll be spectacular! In this case, as in the previous one, the overdressing would also be of a single material
  • 3 pieces. Frida essential + accessory bolero + accessory skirt. Very similar to the first option, but in this case you could play more with the accessories, for example combining lace up and tulle down, as in the picture I was showing you before
  • 4 pieces. Skirt essential + tube top + bolero accessory + accessory skirt. The most “separates” option, as its description lets you see, is the one that lets you play the most to change and combine. Here you can also mix tulle and lace, and reuse the top, skirt and accessories for other looks, both daily and for special occasions. The bolero, one of my favorites, will look cute any day you go to a party or dinner


And that’s it! So you can get your perfect boho wedding dress in a week. Or if you choose the ready-made version, this fabulous manual will also help. This way you will be clear on what to look for when you come to our Atelier to try on the different wedding dresses. Remember that you always need to book a previous appointment so that we can serve you as you deserve ♥
In this post I’ve focused on the Last Minute Brides to facilitate their choice, but if you are a bride with time or would like to have your dress more personalized, you will also find very useful info about our models in the manual. Also, remember that I explain everything in a more personal way in the video.
Thank you very much for reading, I hope you have felt inspired. And remember, if you have any questions about the dresses, you just have to write me at and I will help you as soon as possible. ♥
Kind regards,



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