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If you’ve read my first article you will know that I am a lover of adventure travel. So when many brides ask me where I recommend traveling for the honeymoon, it’s hard for me to choose. But I’ve been thinking about it and have come up with these 3 epic destinations for your honeymoon, paradises full of adventure, gastronomy and relaxation. I’m dying to return. I’ll explain you why you’ll love them all!


Gili Air, Indonesia


Still remains in my memory the description of the Lonely Planet on Gili Islands while preparing the trip to Indonesia four years ago “the Gili Islands are like three drops of sand in the ocean.” And so these three little paradise islands, with three different environments, family, party, romantic, Gili Air (is so small you can walk around the island in twenty minutes!)


Gili Air is your destination if you are looking for a paradise combined with underwater adventure; this is where I took the Open Water and discovered the submarine world. Do you know what it feels like swimming with a family of turtles? Or diving with a group of whitetip reef sharks? Peaceful and extreme happiness. So if you feel like relaxing on the beach, comfort and adventure in a tropical paradise, Gili Air is a great destination for an exceptional honey moon.



Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka



I love surfing. The environment, aesthetics, the exercise you do, the struggle with the rough seas to enter, intense paddling to catch the wave and the sense of freedom and power when you get to surf the wave. Is awesome.



Arugam Bay is the surfing paradise in Southeast Asia, along with Bali, Indonesia. It’s the town with most surfers per square meter than I’ve ever seen. And of course, this means huts on the beach and long evenings with bonfires on the seashore.

Honeymoon-Destinations-Sri-Lanka-Sigiriya   Honeymoon-Destinations-Sri-Lanka-Elephants


If you want to discover a country that only recently has joined the tourist circuit, Sri Lanka is a great destination. And do not forget to visit the temple of Sigiriya rock, the tea plantations, the elephant safari and the Maldives!



Ton Sai, Thailand



Ton Sai can only be reached by a wooden boat with capacity for 10 or 12 people. This is a good starting point for a honeymoon destination, don’t you think? It is a hidden tropical paradise, as you can judge by the pictures.



Honeymoon-Destinations-Ton-Sai-Rock-ClimbingParadisiacal beaches with incredible sunsets, vertical walls for rock climbing enthusiasts, parties on the beach at sunset, snorkeling, diving, Thai cooking classes, mountain hiking and the peace and friendliness of the Thai culture, can you ask for more?

If you are in doubt now, don’t worry! I’m sure there are a paradise for everybody. Only close your eyes and think what do you love to do with your new husband  for 10 days and you will not get tired of doing. Then, you only need to find the place where you together can do it. Sometimes it’s not the most common destination, but it’s your perfect honeymoon destination.

Thinking in my way of life, these are my three suggestions today, places I have visited in recent years and which have stolen my heart. I’d love to know what destinations you’re considering for your honeymoon. Will you tell me below?



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