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The convertible wedding dress Gala

Today I’ll reveal all your questions about the convertible wedding dress Gala.


Picture by Jed Nguyen, model Viktoria Protsenko

I’ll show you that the convertible wedding dress Gala has four different models: Essential, Rustic, Romantic and Bohemian. These different designs can be turned into every position you’ll find in my tutorial videos and photos of my wedding dresses. Note that the long-sleeved dresses are other models of the convertible wedding dress Frida.


Essential convertible wedding dress – Picture by Nicola Mesken


Rustic convertible wedding dress – Picture by Nicola Mesken


Convertible wedding dress Romantic – Picture by Nicola Mesken


Convertible wedding dress Bohemian – Picture by Nicola Mesken

Now get ready because even if it seems impossible, with these 4 models you will get all the positions in the image below.
I’ll show you in the following videos.

How about? They make you want to play with them, right?
What I like most is that with the convertible wedding dress Gala, in any of its models, can be combined with my new accessories collection and thus achieve new designs. You can also choose the color for your wedding dress from our menu of colors and fabrics, it is huge!

Ruthie, a real bride, read her story here

Another question I often receive from the new brides is the issue of size. You are one of the many brides that are considering to buy their wedding dress online, so it is an issu that concerns you. I wrote a post titled 5 advice for ordering your wedding dress that I think will help. Of course, if what you want is to try on the dress and that we help you in your choice, we will be delighted to welcome you to our new showroom in Barcelona, always by appointment, please!
Turning to the size, explain you that we make all the wedding dresses to the bride’s measurements handmade in our workshop. It is a very traditional process, we know, but we like to do so. One of the things our brides value most is our close relationship and we are super happy to do so. Same with the dresses, we like the customization work with our brides and make each dress unique.

Picture by Feather Print

But I have to confess that I find myself increasingly with brides that at first decided to get married without party or ceremony, only a discreet and quick one thing, but when the day approaches they realize that they look forward to a dress for the occasion. And this is wonderful! We have created, for last minute brides, the Bride in a Hurry dress.
bride-in-a-hurry-white-mimetik-bcn       bride-in-a-hurry-champagne-mimetik-bcn
It is our convertible wedding dress Gala Essential in standard size (used for sizes from 2 to 12, unbelievable but true!) and off-white color, combined with a lace skirt in gold or off-white, which can lead after wedding with any dress or skirt.

How about? Did I helped with your doubts about my convertible wedding dress Gala? Do not hesitate to write your questions in the comments section that you will find below, I will answer delighted!
Thank you for being here <3



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Hi! My name is Mireia, creator of Mimètik Bcn and designer of women’s dresses for bohemian weddings.

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    1. Hi Daniel!
      Thank you so much for your comment! <3 I truly think the same, the Gala is super wereable in anywhere! And even more for boho weddings like gardens and the beach 🙂
      Kind regards!

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