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The secret to find the perfect wedding dress for your rustic wedding

the perfect wedding dress? It can be difficult to find the dress that best defines you, the one that shows your authenticity and really makes you shine. But don’t worry! I’m going to share my secret with you, of how to find the perfect wedding dress, the dress that will make you feel super comfortable.
There are currently so many different types of weddings! In fact, there are as many weddings as there are couples in the world, don’t you agree? Today we no longer have the standard rules for how to organize our wedding. I’m sure you’re thinking of a wedding with your personal, natural style, with hand-crafted details for your big day, wild floral decorations and a bohemian style. In short, imagine a wedding that represents you and your partner as you are. No formalities.
I can imagine that you have already realized that the wedding dress you have been imagining this whole time has nothing to do with most wedding dresses. In fact, seeing the dresses on the market, so serious and with so big price tags, may even make you consider choosing a dress that is not even a wedding dress. It seems that everything that carries the word wedding in it, has to cost at least three times as much, just for the simple fact that you are getting married. It makes you seem like you are crazy just wanting to be glowing and happy on your wedding day, and to avoid the stereotypical princess bride that everyone seems to like so much.
It’s normal that you don’t feel very much attraction to some of the wedding dresses on the market. They are dresses that don’t represent you or your way of being, nor do they have anything to do with the type of wedding you are imagining for yourself. A rigid dress that will require the help from your best friend to go to the bathroom? No way!
I have it very clear, the secret to finding your perfect wedding dress is to look for a dress that is just as authentic as you are. That you feel relaxed and natural in. That is true to your personality and that will enhance your natural beauty. Follow your personal style and you will not feel disguised on your wedding day. On the contrary, when you find your wedding dress (they say that the crush is instantaneous), you will want to wear it every day! Then for the style of the wedding, just follow the same direction, so that everything is aligned.
The secret is in the consistency. Following your personal style for your wedding day is the key. Trying to look like another person will make people not recognize you. And, in the end, your wedding day is the celebration of love, right? And what is more authentic than love?
My best advice for you is to relax and be yourself in the most natural way possible. It is the day of your life when you will be surrounded by more people who adore you and who want to see you happy than any other day. So let them see your biggest smile.
I wish you a sparkling day, I’m sure it will be <3
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mimetik-long-sleeve-wedding-gownBeige Polka Dots Tulle Wedding Gown – Frida Bohemian
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This long sleeve, beige dot tulle wedding dress is part of my latest collection of whimsical and vintage inspired bridal gowns  The Frida dress is a versatile dress with a three-quarter sleeve and a half circle underskirt. It can be worn in many different ways, wrapped in different styles in the front or in the back, making it possible for you to find your own personal style for your big day.

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A convertible and versatile romantic bridal gown, with a three-quarter sleeve lace bodice. The lace bodice can be wrapped in many different ways, wrapped in different styles in the front or in the back, making it possible for you to find your own personal style for your big day!



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Hi! My name is Mireia, creator of Mimètik Bcn and designer of women’s dresses for bohemian weddings.

2 thoughts on “The secret to find the perfect wedding dress for your rustic wedding”

  1. I just found your website through your Etsy-shop. I was having a look at new dresses and one of your wedding dresses caught my eye. I am happy it did cause i find your blog really wonderful and full of inspiration. Will keep on reading!

  2. Your wedding dresses are just fantastic. It looks so good and has amazing patterns which can be used for parties also. I always prefer these kinds of dresses rather than the other wedding gowns that can’t be worn in other places. Keep sharing such beautiful dress patterns.

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