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How to Save Money on your Wedding Day

When you decide to marry you realize that there is a new world full of possibilities and, above all, expenses! Today I’m giving you 6 tips that will help you to save money while making a wonderful custom wedding with your own style. Don’t miss the following 6 tips if you want to enjoy a cheaper yet amazing wedding!

6 tips to save money on your wedding while making it awesome

Don’t wait until the last minute: it will save you a lot of money on your wedding

My driving teacher always told me “look further, anticipate events.” That way I could slow down properly when a car got on my way. It was difficult because I was always focused on the things that took place a few meters in front of me. When I learned to look further I realized that time is power. It allows you to work without stress and to think about the best solution.


The same happens with life, you’ll see that finding time to plan and foresee what will come is a basic key to success. Especially if we want to save money for an event as relevant as your wedding.

Entering the world of weddings is to learn a new language that isn’t ruled by logic most of the times. That’s why making time to do research will make you understand how this world really works and you’ll be ready to know what you want and what you don’t. The lack of information is expensive, because you may end up buying things that you don’t need at all just because someone recommends them to you.

Time gives you the power to search properly, be creative imagining different options, make a budget, visit different suppliers and negotiate with them. Plus, if you subscribe to their newsletters, they will probably send you an offer or a discount that you could benefit from (I do it!). If you don’t have time because you are about to get married and there’s only one option for the catering, you’ll end up paying for what you are told.


Photo by Lorena Carnero

This way you will also have a thousand of ideas for Christmas presents and your partner’s birthday! It is a way of giving useful gifts and not having to buy everything at once right before the wedding. The same happens with your presents, perhaps someone can buy you the wedding dress for Christmas, or the flowers, for example.

The season and the day of your wedding

The concept of supply and demand also applies to the world of weddings. It is natural that prices become higher at the time when everyone wants to get married and that special day has to be reserved a year earlier because otherwise it wouldn’t be available. Couples are willing to pay any price, so providers do not have to lower costs.

But if you want to celebrate the wedding at the beginning or at the end of the season, you will probably find better prices. And if you plan to get married off the weddings season, then you’ll be able to have it cheaper for sure! It is more affordable, like traveling during the days of the week or outside holidays.

Photo by Lorena Carnero

You can also consider getting married on a date when it isn’t a holiday in the municipality where your wedding takes place, but it is where you live. For example, if you and most of your guests live in a big city and you get married in the countryside, you can decide to do it on a local celebration of your city. Thus, your guests will also be free that day and your wedding price will be lower because there won’t be much demand.

A space that gives you freedom

Many of the classic and known spaces for weddings work only with their own suppliers and you are required to hire them. This increases your wedding expenses because there are more intermediaries between the supplier and you, which doesn’t give you freedom to choose.


Therefore, it is recommended to celebrate your wedding where you can bring your own caterer, photographer, flowers and everything you want without being limited to their own offerings. The following paragraphs will give you a lot of ideas for personalizing your wedding and save even more money, but it is very important to bear this in mind.


Cristina + Ramon, a bohemian wedding with a van

Buying wine directly from a vineyard, knowing someone who has a caterer or obtaining the flowers from a wholesaler will make you custom your wedding and save a lot of money at the same time. There’s no need to discard a great decoration or first-quality products to lower the expenses, there are many other creative ways to save money on your wedding.


Marta + Albert, a rustic wedding and a trip around the world

Another option is to the same as Martha and Albert, who decided to rent a cottage and spend a weekend with friends to celebrate their marriage and the fact that they were going to travel around the world (lucky them!). That is maximum freedom.

Or you can also celebrate your wedding at a relative’s home, as Miki and Sam decided in his mother’s spectacular garden.


Miki + Sam, a magical bohemian wedding in her Mom’s garden

Save money on your wedding by choosing the proper menu

If we start from the basis that want an authentic, original wedding and do not like weddings that are all the same, I encourage you to think a different menu to the classic one. We’ve all been in three weddings which shared the same type of food.

I know of a couple who hired fishermen to make them a freshly caught seafood paella in their rustic wedding. Not only it was original and economic, but also everyone was delighted with the quality of the food.

Another option is to organize a barbecue. You’ve probably organized barbecues with friends before and it has been the best plan on a Saturday. Collaboration, relaxation, communication and friendship, everything together to cook a wonderful meal. It is a way for your guests to participate in your wedding without having to decide who sits next to whom. The groups will be organized organically and everyone will have fun.


Miki + Sam, a magical bohemian wedding in her Mom’s garden

Another idea that I love is to ask 4 or 5 friends to bake a different cake each (cheesecake, red velvet, sara, coulant, carrot cake, etc). I’m sure you have friends or relatives who are master chefs and will surprise you with their creativity. This way you’ll have a few handmade cakes that everyone can enjoy and you haven’t spent a fortune with a classic wedding cake (which nobody eats in the end).


Miki + Sam, a magical bohemian wedding in her Mom’s garden

Shared music

I love friends and family to feel part of the event and don’t go to your wedding as simple visitors. A good idea is to create a Collaborative Spotify List and send an email to all your guests asking to add the music that they want for your wedding. It’s okay to start by adding several songs yourself to let them know your preferred style, then they’ll keep on adding great songs that will make you dance all night long. This way people will start getting excited a few weeks before your wedding day! Besides, you’ll save all the money that a DJ costs.

Turn your creative mode on and think about what parts you would like to customize. One idea is to make some parts of the decoration yourself with the help of your guests. You can meet a weekend before the wedding to make paper garlands or draw the cards for every table by hand. You can also organize a flower workshop, as Marta did with the help of her friend Rosa for the crowns of the guests and flowers of the space.


Ruthie and Rory, a wedding in the vineyard

Recycling or reusing is also a super good idea to be more eco and not spend much money. If you are a book lover, why don’t you decorate the space with old books? Or you can also visit thrift stores to find details that will be perfect on tables or at the photo sessions. Baskets, antique frames and other things you can find at your grandmother’s house will add your personal touch.


Marta + Albert, a rustic wedding and a trip around the world

Search on the web or ask friends who are already married if they have garlands, strings of lights and decoration that they don’t use. They can lend it or sell it to you!

What do you think about these recommendations to save money on your wedding? You can make a list with all these ideas and decide which ones you’ll put into practice. Once you do it, mark on your calendar the day when you have to start preparing everything and with whom you have to talk.
Remember “to look further and anticipate events.”
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