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Find your wedding face mask in three easy steps

I know, you are looking for a wedding face mask. Who could have imagined such a situation just a year ago? And yet, here you are, deciding if you prefer your bridal mask in tulle or in lace and if you want it to stand out as fashionable accessory or go unnoticed.

Lace mask and tulle mask for wedding, bridal mask

I am completely sure that, with your matching mask, whether you have a Mimètik or not, you will feel remarkably beautiful. It will suit you better than a surgical mask and it will be different from the ones you have for your day to day life. Plus, you can customize it! You will love all the options we have for you.

Preparing a wedding during a pandemic is even more stressful than usual, so let me guide you a bit in finding your ideal handmade mask. You will see that it’s very easy and you will feel super happy about your decision.

Three easy steps to find your ideal wedding face mask

  1. The most important thing is the shape you want your mask to have. Do you prefer it flat? Or do you like the pleated option, close to the surgical mask pattern? Both are well adapted to the face, but the result is different. If you want it to be exactly like your face, the flat option is for you. If you want to use it over a surgical mask, to beautify it and make it last longer, then choose the pleated one.
  2. Now you have to decide if you want the base to be ivory or champagne. Normally, our Mimètik Brides decide according to the color of the dress. But it is also important that you take into account your skin tone. And, no, they are not the only options you have! If you are a total alternative bride and you have decided that you are going to wear a colored wedding dress, we have our entire fabric sample at your disposal: you can go with a colored mask. There’s a wide variety of pink, a shade of blue, gray pearl … whatever color you prefer!
  3. And here it comes my favourite step. This is the most creative of all three. How do you want the overlay to be? It can be a mask with the last layer in tulle or lace. Again, you can make it in the same fabric as, for example, the shawl you are going to wear, or the overskirt with which you look so spectacular, or something completely different.

Fancy mask for wedding, bridal reusable mask

Lace masks

For me, a lace mask is the classiest option. You can choose from our lace in ivory, champagne, golden, rose quartz or beatnik. The fabric is soft and exquisite, pure magic to the touch. I show you all the lace we have so that it is easier for you to imagine how it could be:

Lace swatches for brides. Pick the ideal lace fo your fancy mask

The lace wedding masks that our Mimètik Brides ask the most are those made of Ivory lace. The dress is usually also with these fabrics and tones, whether it is in the overdress, the skirt or the bolero, and it looks stunning. Personally, I also think a beatnik lace is ideal. Its cream tone makes it very rustic and is perfect to combine with the same crop top.

Tulle masks

And what about tulle? If lace is elegance and sensuality, tulle is pure delicacy. We have many options of tulle for your mask: the softness of tulle in ivory, golden or rose quartz, the well-known plumeti, its softer version, the Dotted Tulle, the Hearts …

If you don’t know the options we offer you, here is the second part of our Bridal Collection sample:

Tulle swatches for brides, bridal sample.

If you want to get noticed, the Rose Quartz Dots or Golden Dots are spectacular. Other Mimètik Lovers opt for a colored base combined with a tulle layer. A girl from California asked us in September for a coral mask with a layer made in plumeti. It was super rebellious and colorful, but without losing its delicacy.

Our Mimètik Brides

More and more brides show us their photographs with the perfect combination Mimètik + mask. That’s how beautiful Anna Viñals was on her wedding day. If you look closely, the mask matches her skirt, the vibrant Snowflake tulle.

Real wedding during covid, bride wears a Mimètik's face mask

And do you know who I would like to see too? You! Glowing like never before with your mask on! If you upload the photo on social media, don’t forget to mention us @mimetikbcn! We will be very excited … and perhaps we will ask your permission to share it!

Fancy masks for special events

We don’t just have bridal masks! You can recommend one of our tulle or lace masks to your friends or sisters. You can also wear it on other occasions, such as parties, presentations, dinners and special nights … They are a delight and that lingerie style makes them spectacular, don’t you think?

Handmade face mask for special events

Do you have questions about our handmade mask?

If you don’t know Mimètik and your question is about the fabrics, you can first ask for the Bridal Collection. For any other questions, the Mimètik Team is always very willing to help you. You can leave a comment on this article. Or, on Instagram, you can write us a direct message. In addition, there we have a highlight of our face masks for brides that you can consult whenever you want. We’d love you following us and becoming part of the Mimètik Tribe!


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Hi! My name is Mireia, creator of Mimètik Bcn and designer of women’s dresses for bohemian weddings.

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  1. These are unique masks and apt for the current times. Masks will be a norm for a while, and such beautiful masks will go well with the wedding attire. My clients ask for suggestions to help organize a safe and socially distanced wedding. I recommend using such beautiful masks that go well with their outfit.

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