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Boho wedding dresses for an ideal fall wedding

Have you had to postpone your wedding due to the coronavirus outbreak or do you think you’re going to have to? I fully understand that your having doubts because of it. To discuss all the points that need to be taken into account if your wedding has been affected by the coronovarius pandemic, I wrote this article that I recommend you to read. But now I want to talk to you about a very specific topic: how to turn your fall wedding into a dream with the perfect boho wedding dress.


Rescheduling the wedding: from spring to autumn

You may have had to change your wedding date and change the season. But let me explain a little secret to you: fall weddings are magical. They have that special cadence that you only feel when the first leaves start to fall and in the afternoon it refreshes a little. I don’t know if it’s your case, but I’m in love with those mustard tones and landscape land in September, October and November. They make me feel relaxed, like at home.

Autumn leaves


Your bohemian wedding, more rustic than ever

The new colors will turn your boho wedding into that rustic celebration you’ve always wanted. Consider that if it’s an outdoor wedding, you may need to add a tent to your wedding budget, or some outdoor heating. As for the decoration and flowers, you may have to adapt them a little to the new setting, but there will be no big changes. Are you still thinking about your boho bouquet? Don’t miss this article written in collaboration with Au Nom de la Rose: Your ideal bohemian bridal bouquet


Boho wedding dresses: ideal also for a fall wedding

If you have had to postpone your wedding unexpectedly, one of the big doubts is the wedding dress. Have you got it yet? Then think about making some small changes for the autumn weather. In case you came to our Atelier, you can make an appointment again and we will see if you have to add boleros, shawls, or overdresses so that you have that feeling of warmth.

And if you purchased online, do not hesitate to ask us. We’re going to make you feel great and treat you well, as we’ve always done in Mimètik. Just write to us at or contact the Mimètik Team through social media. Either way, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible and clear up all your doubts!


Ideas for your fall wedding dresses

I’ll leave you some ideas for you to consider. You could, for example, try a lace bolero on your Marie dress if the fall wedding is in September, or opt for a bolero essential that warms you up more if your wedding has been postponed to October or November.

Keep in mind that you may need to add bridal accessories that you haven’t thought about before. A wedding in spring or summer is not the same as a wedding in September, October, or November.  Fall weddings and winter weddings need their own extra fabrics and layers to make you feel just as beautiful but without getting cold. 

Long-sleeves bolero for a boho wedding dress


Fall boho wedding dresses: we will rock you!

I love, for example, this rocky touch that manages to give to her boho wedding dress our Mimètik Bride Ariane simply by adding a leather jacket. It’s ace! The jacket not only makes you feel warm but also stamps your personality to the wedding dress of your choice.

Can you be a boho-chic and a rocker bride at the same time? Yes, you can! And if you don’t tell Ariane and how beautiful she was at her winter wedding. The smile does not lie: it was her day and she felt authentically with her Mimètik.

Leather jacket for a bohemian wedding dress


Fall wedding dresses: warm fabrics

Or look at Isabel, who opted for a boho wedding dress with a completely different style. By adding a knitted shawl on top of her Mimètik dress she got that feeling of warmth and cocooning that you will want to feel on your big day.

If you’re also a fan of the handmade, you can do it yourself. All you need are needles, thread, and a little time. Why not take advantage of confinement to knit your own wedding accessory? You’ll see how relaxing is that time knitting.

It’s also likely that, when you announce that your wedding has been postponed and now you’re celebrating a fall wedding, maybe a close family member or a friend will try to make you this wonderful gift. When you have your fall wedding in September the shawl will already be made and you will look beautiful with that rustic style.

Knitted shwal


Long-sleeves boho wedding dresses

If you haven’t thought about your autumn wedding dress yet, I’ll show you some ideas that I find delightful. I love this Frida model with a Snowflake overdress. Not only are you going to be warm, but you’re also going to feel elegant and original. Some of my Mimètik Brides have taken it to her fall wedding in November, when it really starts to get cold outside.

Long-sleeves boho wedding dress

The first slide is a three-quarter sleeve dress. In the photograph, you can see it in off-white, although we also have it in champagne. Both options are very warm and comfortable. The first is probably more classic, while the second allows you to create a vintage style. Either way, it will be a perfect fall boho wedding dress without getting cold.

You can order your dress now for that fall wedding you’re planning. Having time to spare will allow you to learn how to put your Mimètik dress in the way that best suits you. With a Frida, you can choose to show off your back or go fully covered, for example. It will always depend on your personality and how you want to show up on your wedding day.

Lace wedding dress

And what about trying other Frida dresses? The option with the Snowflake overdress is not the only one for your fall wedding in October! As always, it’s about you being inspired by our Mimètik models, but also browsing the web until you find that autumn wedding dress that will make you fall in love.

Check out this Frida with lace overdress, ideal for fall weddings in September or October. In this case, the lace is in ivory, just like the base dress, but you can look for contrast with other shades, such as champagne or golden. Not only does it add a spectacular vintage touch to your bohemian wedding dress, but you’ll match the scenery! Supernatural.

And don’t forget to add some accessories! In Frida dresses, belts look great. They break with that formality that sometimes seems to have fall wedding dresses in cold months and you recover all the feeling of freedom from boho wedding dresses.

Lace wedding dress


Remember your wedding forever with an autumn photography session

I want to finish this article by explaining something you may not know: your fall wedding is going to be spectacular. September, October, and November natural light is a blast. The brown and mustard tones and that softer light will give your wedding a fairytale tone that you will remember with a lot of love. Your boho wedding dress is going to look beautiful in that autumnal vibe.

If you want a wedding photographer’s recommendation, don’t hesitate to talk to a wedding planner who is going to explain to you how beautiful you’re going to look and how magnificent the landscape is going to be. She will solve all your doubts about your wedding postponed to autumn and you will feel super comfortable talking to her. You can also ask us

Whatever model you choose or whatever accessory you prefer, I want to convey this message: you will have the ideal dress for a perfect fall wedding.


Tell me, have you thought about doing your wedding to be in the fall or has the coronavirus changed your plans?


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