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Mariana + Pedro, a vintage wedding with its own light

Mariana + Pedro, a vintage wedding with its own light

It was Saturday and everything was ready for the vintage wedding of Mariana and Pedro in Fontão, Portugal. The atmosphere was so perfect and magical that not even the rain could destroy such a beautiful day that it shone with its own light. There are moments that are simply magical. It’s said that your wedding is the most special day of your life. I believe that we shouldn’t just choose one. But it is true that there is something particular that surrounds weddings. Perhaps it’s the happiness in the environment, which creates a unique and exciting atmosphere. Yes, there are days that are certainly magical, and I am sure that the vintage wedding of Mariana and Pedro was one of them. ideas for vintage weddings

The most special story

From the first moment that Mariana sent me a photo of her big day, I knew that behind it there was a super special love story. Then I talked to her, and I could confirm it. Mariana tells me that she and Pedro met when they were just children. They were 6 and 8 years old when Mariana’s family moved to the city where Pedro is from, and since then their paths have been crossed. And I say “they have been crossed” because it literally is like that. They dated when they were 14 and 16, but only lasted what summer lasted. Mariana tells me that he was her first love, and that she never forgot him. They were the people indicated for each other, but the time wasn’t right. Sometimes you just have to let things flow to find out if they are meant to be like that. And in the case of Mariana and Pedro couldn’t have ended better with such a beautiful and vintage wedding about what I speak in this post. After that summer, Pedro decided to study in another city, and they saw each other for 10 years on some occasions. Finally, in 2015, they met again and decided to go in search of a life full of experiences and love. As Mariana says: “We really believe that we will be together forever” After all, what moves me the most is something that Mariana tells me about Pedro and his story: “He swears he remembers the first time he saw me“. Sorry, a little tear just falls out above my cheeks. romantic wedding proposal

The complicity of the couple

Mariana and Pedro are a couple with great complicity and connection from the first moment. Both are very positive and they like to listen to the other. They are not afraid to live many experiences, although that includes living away from their family and friends, who they love and with whom they have a great relationship. They follow their path and I think they have found the perfect balance to be able to pursue their dreams without having to get rid of their roots. After dating for 6 months they decided to leave Portugal, their country, to come and live in Barcelona. Mariana tells me that they both love to travel, so they wanted to live new and different realities. As you see, besides being a super nice couple they are also super brave. And most importantly: they want the same things in life and they row together towards the same goal. Mariana told me that her next goal is to build a family, so I wish you all the luck in the world to get it. romantic boho wedding

A very personal proposal

A marriage request doesn’t always have to be lights and fireworks. The important thing is that it is something that both parts feel that this the moment. This is what happened in the case of Mariana and Pedro; there was no “official” request. They had talked about it many times, with total freedom and without discomfort. And the moment came when they decided to make it happen. So they told all their friends and family and started the road to a beautiful vintage wedding. Mariana tells me that at first glance it may not seem super romantic, although they are, but she is absolutely right when she says that “otherwise it would not have been us“. It’s very important to keep your own personality at all times, and not be guided by fashions with which we don’t feel authentic. ideas for vintage wedding

The most magical day

The preparations for the vintage wedding of Mariana and Pedro began as many of the girls who come to the Atelier de Barcelona: “we wanted to do something very small, but in the end we decided to celebrate something bigger with family and friends”. What did not change was his idea about the style of the wedding: it would be a vintage wedding, and the truth is that it couldn’t be more beautiful. Both knew what they wanted to achieve, and although there were more demanding times than others, there were no difficult decisions. It’s great to be able to get this connection point, it makes everything come easy. The site chosen was “Histórias com Alma” in Fontão (Portugal), and Mariana believes that this was the best decision they could make. It’s a beautiful and very vintage place: long wooden tables, wonderful gardens, wildflowers, and a rustic atmosphere that, as I told you at the beginning, not even the rain could destroy. Mariana and Pedro spent a lovely day surrounded by their loved ones. Mariana’s best friend and brother accompanied them as godmother and godfather. Everyone created some precious memories. Mariana tells me that she loved many things from that unique day, but there was one that was even more special. They decided to plant an olive tree as a symbol of their union and growth together. As Mariana tells me: “We hope that this tree can support and inspire future generations”. For me, this is a beautiful gesture that goes in perfect communion with the whole celebration. vintage wedding inspiration

The vintage wedding dress ♥

Mariana is one of the Mimètik Brides that we had the pleasure of being able to meet live in our Bridal Atelier in Barcelona. It was the time when Pedro and she were living in Barcelona when he found Mimètik browsing online. In Mariana’s words, what she liked most was “the purity and simplicity of the dresses“, so she decided to arrange a visit to the atelier. Do you know those cases where you feel a crush when you see something? Well, that’s how it was with Mariana and her dress. She just tried on our Gala Vintage in Ivory Lace Gala, and only that one. At that moment he knew that it was his dress. He loved the comfort and ease when putting it on. She tells me that at that moment she could already imagine herself drinking, eating and dancing on her wedding day with total freedom. And that’s what Mariana was looking for: a dress that allowed her to enjoy the day and be herself. And the truth is that she couldn’t shine more, the photos radiate happiness. bohemian wedding dress with lace simple elegant wedding dress

Advice for future brides

Enjoy the whole process and the day of your wedding, it is a beautiful and moving experience.
vintage wedding decoration

Thank you

As you could see, the vintage wedding of Mariana and Pedro was really a magical day that gave off light and happiness. I think it’s very exciting to see two people who understand each other so well. And, like Mariana, I’m also sure that theirs will be forever. Mariana, thank you very much for letting me be part of your day, your memories and your history. It is a pleasure to be able to help brides with a heart as pure as yours. I wish you the best in your adventure together creating that family that you desire so much. romantic wedding dress with lace Lots of love, Firma-email-marketing-Mireia-300x88    ]]>


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