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Kara + Austin, a rustic wedding with two dogs

Kara’s story is one of those you would think only happens in movies and fairytales, but it really exists! Fortuitous encounters, lucky blows, two wedding dresses and three dogs, everything a good story needs.
This is one of the love stories you never forget. But don’t take my word for it! Judge it yourself! I’m sure you will love it as much as I do.


A hit of love

The way Kara and Austin met could be a movie! Almost three years ago, at their college in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Kara was working at a summer program, and Austin was taking the last class he needed to graduate. One day, Kara was late to an appointment (as usual). She got in her car, took one look in the rearview mirror and quickly started backing out. Then out of the corner of her eye she saw movement and slammed on the breaks. A lanky boy riding a long board through the parking lot swerved out of the way. She recognized him as a student in the summer program and mouthed “sorry.” For a second she thought he was going to flash an obscene gesture at her, but the moment passed and they continued on their way.
Later that night at a student gathering she saw the boy across the room. Kara decided to go and talk to him to apologize for the parking lot incident. He accepted the apology saying he couldn’t actually see who was driving the car, but introduced himself as Austin. For the rest of the night, he couldn’t take his eyes off her.
Kara decided to leave the party early. Austin saw her leaving and ran up the stairs after her. “Can I give you my number?” He asked. She texted him later that night. The next day, they got lunch. Then a few days later, they went on a hike and have been together ever since!


The proposal

Austin is a nurse. About a year after they started dating he came home with a business card that read “Khimaira Farm – wedding venue” on it. “The owners of this venue were at the hospital with a family member today,” he said. “They told me if I ever decided to marry my girlfriend I should look them up.” A year passed. It was August. Kara is very close to her grandmother who is in her early 90s. “I really want my grandmother to be at the wedding” she told Austin. “What wedding?” he asked. She hesitated. “Well remember that card you brought home last year? I emailed them and they said they had a cancellation for their last day in November. Would you be willing to go and look at it?” They went. He loved it. “But I don’t have a ring!” he said. “I don’t need a ring”, she argued. They set the date.

Kara is a journalist. Six weeks after they set the date she spent 24 hours flying around with an air medical team, shadowing them on calls. It was hot in the helicopter and she had to wear a flight suit and helmet while in the air, so just imagine how Kara was at that moment! They got back from a call and she pealed the sweaty suit down to her waist and twisted her wet hair into a high bun. “Hey put your suit back on,” one of the paramedics told her. “We are getting a visit from my boss.” A few minutes later in walked Austin (shaved, well dressed and not sweaty). He got down on one knee and gave her the ring he had been saving for since he first brought home the card. In Kara’s own words: “The sweat didn’t matter”.


The happy couple

Kara explains to me that she and Austin have a lot of interests in common. They are animal lovers, so they are completely in love their three dogs, even though the dogs take up a lot of their free time! However, they like to go out and hike with them almost every weekend, because Kara and Austin are a really healthy couple! They also love to spend time outdoors rock climbing and cooking homemade fresh food. The couple also likes to read, listening to music, go to concerts, and of course, watch Netflix! They are really close to their families and would define themselves as “introverts with a few good, close friendships.” Talking with Kara about spirituality, I realized that Austin and she are big defenders of ethical values of self-love, for humanity, grace and compassion, and I think this is very important and should be the same in all of us.


The Day

Kara told me she had something really clear in her mind since the day she knew she was going to marry Austin: she wanted a small, intimate, low-key, comfortable wedding with an outdoorsy woodland flare, just like their way of life. What she found the most difficult to decide for her wedding was how big the guest list was going to be. “Austin’s mother is Indian, so we had to fight a little to keep the wedding small,” explains Kara. But finally they made it! They chose a great venue and they had the rustic wedding of their dreams. <3


Details make the difference!

Kara explained me she had two special details for her in the wedding. The first was that they decided to include their two dogs in the celebration, “I’m going to be honest, that was probably one of my favorite things of the day!” she said. I know, I said Kara and Austin had three dogs before, but the last one came on their very special day, as they picked the third dog up on the way home from the wedding! As you may know, I have a white Labrador I really love, so I found the idea of including the dogs in the wedding very interesting! There are a lot the Mimètik brides who choose to introduce the dogs to their weddings, so I would love to gather advice to write a post about how to include your dog in your wedding to have them all together. And if you are a bride who has included your dogs in your wedding, I would love for you to write to me, so I can give some advice to the next bride. I’m a lover of the pet-friendly weddings, so if you are too and are thinking about introducing your dogs to your wedding stay tuned to my blog!


I really love when there’s one detail related to the family roots of the bride or the groom, because I think that family is very important and it’s always nice to remember them in such a special day. That’s why I loved that in honor of Austin’s roots, Kara and all of her bridesmaids had their hands decorated with lovely Indian motifs made in henna. I found this really, really special! Judge it by yourself with the spectacular photo I leave you next. <3


The dress <3

When I find cases like this one, I feel very happy to help with my designs. When Kara contacted me, she already had a wedding dress, but she wasn’t sure about her choice. She said she liked it, but not loved it so much. It was pretty, but she felt like it wasn’t “her wedding dress.” But then she found Mimètik on Etsy, she felt like she found her dress. In Kara’s own words “I really love lace – it gives you that kind of classic feminine feel.” She also wanted a comfortable dress, with a little touch of bohemian style. She didn’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a dress she was going to wear once either. Kara was also worried about how the dress may look on her, because she told me that she didn’t look like the model in the pictures, but as I told her, our dresses flatter our brides’ bodies, and not the other way round. They make the body of the brides shine with its own light. So she decided to forget the first dress and go with our Frida Bohemian in Ivory. And she loved it! When she received it, she told me she absolutely loved the dress, and thanked us for making her dream dress come true! Thank you, Kara, it was so nice to work with you! <3


Kara’s advice for brides

Don’t stress about wedding planning… and enjoy yourself! Hopefully you only get married once, and you don’t want to spend the whole time preoccupied with whether or not your wedding turns out Pinterest perfect!


As you can see, Kara’s love story is one in a million and she is too! Her amazing way of life should be an example for all of us. And at her wedding, she and her husband’s optimistic and fearless way of enjoying life was showcased for every single guest that attended. Saying that they had a lovely evening would be an understatement, at least for Kara and Austin, because for them, it was the best and most beautifulevening of their lives , as the beautiful Lauren Love photos show perfectly.
Thank you so much for reading this gorgeous story! And you? Do you have a fairytale love story too? Tell me in the comments!

Sending much love,


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