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My 5 tips for a Boho Baby Shower

If you are planning a baby shower for your boho friend’s baby, you have to read my post today. You know that if anything characterizes me it is the boho or bohemian philosophy of free and wild spirit. I also identify myself with boho design (as you will see in my wedding dresses and party), so if one day I organized a baby shower, I’m sure it will be a Boho Baby Shower. Even for my posh friend;) Here I leave my 5 proposals for the Boho Baby Shower you organize to be a success and your mum-to-be friend is delighted. About the games you can arrange for the baby shower, we’ll talk another day, I have many ideas! Boho-Baby-Shower
Baby Shower designed by Scout

The Boho Baby Shower’s invitations

If you’ve been reading my blog posts you’d know that I’m passionate about flowers (when we do photo shoots, my photographer and friend Nicola Mesken jokes because I always want to put fresh flowers everywhere!). I’d love to buy fresh flowers every day and have a house full of a thousand different types and colors! I also like the hand painted with watercolor flowers posters and invitations. These ones by Kirra Reyna Designs are lovely, she’s also an etsy seller, have a look at her shop, you’ll see a lot of beauty! Boho-Baby-Shower-Bohemian-Invitations

Bohemian decor for a super baby shower

No matter if the baby that is about to arrive is a boy or a girl; to do all in pink or blue has gone out of fashion, hooray for gender equality! A boho baby shower is characterized by a natural, fresh and authentic decor. You can also include handmade objects like this garland of natural flowers, spectacular, right?


Picture by Dorothee Brand

Handmade food is always the best option

I know it’s a lot of work, but the food always tastes better if done at home (with love and enthusiasm, of course). You can find super easy and healthy recipes that will be perfect for a boho baby shower.
Baby Shower organied by Twink + Sis, picture by Jenna Elliott
From salads, quiches and pies, to cocktails and mocktails, macaroons and different types of dessert. On the website of Today‘s Parent you’ll find inspiration for your healthy and natural recipes. Boho-Baby-Shower-Food
Boho-Baby-Shower-PopcornsBaby Shower organized by Piccolo & Poppi

The mom will look gorgeous

The baby is the star of the party, I know, but since it is not out yet, the mommy should take the leading role in the baby shower. She will be gorgeous and beaming with happiness, surrounded by the women who most adore her. I love the boho style in the maternity dress for a baby shower. I’ll leave suggestions of dresses that I like a lot for the mom, you see dominating white and lace! Baby-Shower-Nicole-Trunfio Boho-Baby-Shower-Lace-White-Dress Maternity-Dress-Boho-Mimetik-Bcn Oh, and a flower crown handmade by yourself will be super nice! It is much easier than it seems, in this post written by Christy Meisner Doramus you will learn step by step how to make it. I hope you will be excited to do it! Flower-Crown-Christy-Meisner-Doramus

The baby shower cake with boho cake toppers

And do not forget the baby shower cake with cake toppers made of feathers or glitter, as these lovely ones by LynnsMix with Etsy store (you know I’m such a fan of this platform, as long as I can, I recommend Etsy shops). Boho-Cake-Toppers-LynnsMix The cake for me, the more handmade, the better. I love this one with thousands of layers. I confess that these cakes that are in vogue with many colored sugar, fill my stomach just looking at them. I prefer to be more natural and not so sugary. But that’s like each! What I can say is that the mother can not eat too much sugar until the baby is born;) Boho-Baby-Shower-cake What do you think about these ideas to organize a Boho Baby Shower? Do you have a pregnant friend who would love a party like that? I’d love to read your comment! Firma-email-marketing-Mireia


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Hi! My name is Mireia, creator of Mimètik Bcn and designer of women’s dresses for bohemian weddings.

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