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Lizzi + Peter, a young forever lasting love

Do you know when in the romantic movies the girl marries her “all-life” love she met when she was a little girl after years of not seeing each other? And do you love these movies as much as I do? If the answer is “yes” this is the perfect story for you!!

Welcome to Lizzi and Peter’s love story! Two studying mates that have become husband and wife!


Where the love started

We can almost say Lizzi and Peter never met; they have been always barely together, since childhood! Lizzi was 10 years old when her parents decided to homeschool her and her brothers. They also were in a homeschool group where they could relate with other children that were likewise studying at home. There was a blond little boy named Peter that would change her entire life forever. And of coincidences is this is story made, because, beyond becoming friends thanks to the study group, they found out they were also neighbors! So Peter, Lizzi, and Lizzi’s brothers became best friends for years.

Years passed, and the friendship kept on going, until in their late teens Peter had to move out of state to work. But this couldn’t be the end of their story! So, a few years later, in 2014, Lizzi got a text that would totally change her life. It was him! Her childhood friend, Peter, saying he was moving to her town. She was really excited of receiving such a new! And, as Lizzi says: “We got together once he moved and the rest is history.” So magical!


The emotional proposal

The day Peter proposed to Lizzi maybe didn’t started as a very good day for her. They were going to take a stroll on the boardwalk, near the river. Lizzi wasn’t dressed according to the weather of the day, so Peter decided to take her home so she could change her clothes. Then, at home, Lizzi went to the bathroom and started crying for no reason. As she says, it was “just one of those days”. The thing is that Peter hadn’t seen her crying before, and Lizzi wanted this to continue like that, so, before coming out of the bathroom, she did her best to try and hide the tears.

When she felt like she was ok, she went downstairs into the kitchen, where Peter was waiting for her. As she was approaching him, he suddenly said he needed to ask her an important question, and he wanted to do it in that moment and in that place, because he couldn’t wait any longer. And that was the moment!! He got down on one knee, opened that little box that every girl has dreamed about at least once in their lives. There it was, her engagement ring, “the most beautiful opal ring I had ever seen”, as Lizzi told me. And then he asked her to marry him. As she happily remembers now “nothing could replace that moment”. And, guess what? She burst into tears, so Peter finally saw her cry for the first time in the same moment he made her the happiest woman on earth.


The couple’s complicity

I think it’s time for you to get to know better this adorable couple! Lizzi and Peter are both from a small town in the state of Michigan in the United States, St. Clair. They are also very young, as they are only 24 years old! This means it will be a love for their whole life ♥. Lizzi would define their lifestyle as “chill and laid-back”, and super easy to please. They find joy in simple, rustic living. They relish with little things such as only watching movies cuddling up in the sofa and just being together. I think they have great complicity, and that’s what makes this couple so special. “If you ever see us, you can guarantee he is making me laugh!” she told me.

Lizzi and Peter also have a lot of things in common, always with the same relaxed atmosphere around them. They love nature, being outdoors, and living a simple and rustic live. And, of course, they love animals! Talking with Lizzi she told me there are two essential key aspects that bring them closer together. The first one is that they are very family-oriented, as they have very close relationships with their parents and siblings. The second fundamental aspect, and probably the most important, is the fact that they have the same moral and religious values. I think it’s very significant to find somebody with the same values as you, or, at least, that respects them, because to be in harmony with your couple is synonym of having a strong relationship that could carry on all the entire life!


The way to the Day

But before the wedding there was the most difficult part… The way to their wedding! And Lizzi and Peter had something very clear: they wanted a small, intimate wedding. They knew they weren’t into the typical American weddings, with all the traditional ambience. And where should they look for ideas of non-stereotypical American weddings? In, of course, Pinterest! So they did an exhaustive research almost every day, and though it was hard to manage to get the atmosphere they wanted, they made it work! They also had the help of “The Knot Wedding Planner”, which was their lifesaver. “The Knot” is an online tool to plan your wedding: from a checklist maker or a guest list manager, until wedding cakes photos to get inspired. And you? Did you use any online tool to manage your wedding? Or you preferred to hire a wedding planner? Or you just made use of the DIY philosophy also on your wedding? Tell me in the comments!


Lizzi confessed that the most difficult thing to decide for their wedding was the reception location, because they wanted to have their reception in a barn, but there were no good barns to rent were they lived. But, luckily, they finally found a beautiful Victorian estate, which had been turned into a bed-and-breakfast and was very close from their ceremony site. This decision turned the rustic themed wedding to a more eclectic affair, but, as Lizzi says: “I couldn’t have asked for anything better”!


I also asked Lizzi why did she wanted bridesmaids on her wedding, and she explained to me that she has 3 very close friends who have been there for her throughout the more insignificant and most important times in her life; throughout everything. She says something very beautiful about them: “They are a part of my journey, so it would be impossible to leave them out”. It’s such good luck to have the support of close people, as it encourages us to do the things we’ve always wanted to do.


The Day

And THE day arrived! October 1st was the date and everything was ready just to enjoy. The atmosphere of the post-ceremony party was really non-traditional. There wasn’t an entrée, but don’t worry because it wasn’t missed, as the owner of the Heather House was a fantastic cook, and provided excellent appetizers all evening long. There wasn’t even a dance floor, as they had the music playing through speakers throughout the house from an iPhone, so cute and fresh! Lizzi and Peter’s big day ended at night, when the couple and their friends set off paper lanterns all together.


Lizzi also explained to me her favourite memory of the wedding, it was a moment before the party. If she had to take one thing from that day, she definitely would choose the exchanging of vows, during the ceremony. She says that: “It was so intimate, and it was something I had anticipated since I was a girl. It’s a feeling I’ll never forget”. So, if you are like Lizzi, remember that the dreams do come true!


The dress ♥

And of course I asked Lizzi about how she picked her dress! She chose our Gala Rustic with golden lace with our golden lace shawl as an accessory. So, how did she decided to wear one of Mimètik’s designs? Because of the comfort and the freedom of movement the dress gave her, as well as because of the way the dress fit to her bohemian personality. The Gala wasn’t the first dress Lizzi saw, as she first tried going to bridal shops in her area, but nothing had that rustic and care-free feel.


Then she decided to try via online, and that’s when she found MimètikBCN and, as Lizzi herself said: “I instantly fell in love!”. And there’s more, because although the dress had the perfect “halo”, she also loved that she could play with its versatility. Lizzi is a very creative person, so a convertible dress was the perfect dress for her! Furthermore, it was within her prince range!


Lizzi’s advice for future brides

“Ultimately, this day is about the two of you. Only agree to what makes you both comfortable and happy on what can easily be the best day of your lives. Don’t feel like you have to follow every tradition and do what everyone else is doing. This day is a reflection of who you are as a couple. Those who love you will completely understand. And don’t sweat the small stuff! No matter what happens, it will be an amazing day.”


I really hope Lizzi and Peter have a long life full of love! They might be young, but they have each other, and they support, understand and trust one another unconditionally. In the end, that’s what matters: to have a person next to you that can be your partner in this journey called life.

Besides, I just heard they have become more than husband and wife… they have become parents of a beautiful little baby girl! So, Lizzi, I wish you, and the lovely family you both are creating, all the best.

Sending much love,


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