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Bridesmaids come back strongly to weddings. It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to be accompanied by the most important women of your life. I think weddings can be a precious way to have close the women you love the most and give them the importance they deserve. It can be a success if what you are looking for is a ceremony where your closest friends occupy a special place next to you.
Even so, having bridesmaids is a very personal decision that depends on each one. I have been lucky to meet many bridesmaids groups in our atelier in Barcelona, and I have even been one! And I tell you, from experience, that there’s for every taste. Bridesmaids will be as authentic as the bride who chooses them. Furthermore, I would like to tear down a myth about bridesmaids, who often seem to remind us of super traditional weddings with many guests, but, increasingly, Mimètik Bcn brides show us this is not the case.
You have many options to choose your bridesmaids! From asking to your sister for her daughters to bring the rings, or choose among your friends from school to accompany you in your wedding’s day in a such special way. Or even ask each of the essential women for you to have a highlighted role in your wedding. And the way you to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids? I have a thousand ideas! Soon I will explain them in a new post which will be super funny, you’ll see!
Remember, choosing your bridesmaids is to give them the importance they deserve and thank them for being always by your side. Letting them know that they are key to you and that you want them to have an underlined paper on your wedding’s day will be a precious moment.
Personally, I think our Mimètik Bcn convertible dresses are a great choice for bridesmaids groups, as the dresses allow each of the girls to express their creativity and personality thanks to the versatility offered by the dresses, without losing the essence of going all in one drive and neither to fall into the boring. You can take ideas for your bridesmaids, because sure this post will inspire you a lot!
Photo: Martina Andreas Schuller’s Wedding
To begin, I would like to show you the undeniable king of bridesmaids: the Gala Powder Pink. This is one of my favourite, as it has a precious powder pink color and it’s very elegant, so it’s perfect for relaxed weddings as Martina’s. Total!

Photo: Cassie Bjorkman’s Wedding
As I said, we had all kind of bridesmaids who wanted to wear one of our dresses for super-diverse weddings. Here, for example, you can see Cassie’s wedding, a more traditional and religious wedding, with our Gala Teal Short as the protagonist. If you go on to the next picture, you will realize the possibilities you have if you want bridesmaids at your wedding.

Photo: Marta’s Wedding
Ta-dah! Yes, there’s also beach weddings with bridesmaids! As Marta’s. And I really think that the dresses in a blue and green spectrum were a great success. The girls were absolutely spectacular with the sea in the background and our royal blue, teal and light-teal Galas as a whole. As in poker, straight flush is always a wise move 😉

Photo: Katie Derees’ Wedding  |  Photographer: Cheyenne Wehrwein
Another one of the “most wanted” dress for bridesmaids is the Gala Rose Quartz. This a super delicate color and it’s perfect for romantic weddings. In addition, it gives the landscape a super nice delicate and boho air. I love this photo of Katie’s wedding because it’s precisely a perfect sample of what convertible dresses are able of creating, unique and super original environments thanks to the many possibilities they have with the versatility of their necklines. All of the girls in the photo are beautiful and unique. ♥

Photo: Samantha Amick’s Wedding
Another of my favourite photos is, without any doubt, this one from Samantha’s wedding. Her five girls are wearing our Gala Olive Short with super cool country boots! The true is that they were spectacular in her rustic wedding. You can see through the photo how much fun they were having. Besides, they look super comfortable and relaxed. Do you see? To be a bridesmaid doesn’t mean to get bored, quite the opposite!

Photo: Patricia Armstrong’s Wedding  |  Source: Destination Wedding Details
One of my favourite colors for bridesmaids is our Gala Indigo. You can see how fabulous it looks at Patricia’s Wedding, where the girls also choose to wear each one a different neckline, and they matched their dresses with bestmen’s ties. They all look super nice! Indigo is one of the most elegant and flattering colors, along with our Gala Dark Red. Check it out too, I’m sure you will also love it as much as I do 🙂

By the way, have you read the story of Cristina + Ramón, a bohemian wedding with a van? Cristina and Ramón are a couple who decided to use our Mimètik dresses for their bridesmaids. In addition, they have a way of life that I love, and we share many of the values they feel. If you’re such a fan of boho life as I am, check out this post!
That’s it for today! I hope you felt inspired ♥
See you soon. Kind regards,



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