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A few months ago, Kristen Giles, a photographer from Texas, contacted me with a proposal that I fell in love with. Kristen is part of a project called “The Traveling Dress”, in which 7 photographers from different places in the USA and Canada use the same dress and do a photo shooting according to their personal style. And I thought: “this is precisely what Mimètik is: a dress that each woman interprets according to her personality”. It was a great opportunity to show the diversity of the same dress. So, happy, I accepted the proposal. Here is the result, to show you a super versatile wedding dress and with a lot of different points of view.

The versatile wedding dress

Our wedding dress was going to travel to different places, from Texas to Hawaii, through Canada and California, among others. We agreed that the super versatile wedding dress would be our Gala Rustic in golden Lace, and I think we couldn’t have made a better choice, since the results are beautiful. Even the model of one of the sessions was a mom to be! So imagine how moldable is the dress.
In addition, and one of the things that I like most about this project, is the experience that the photographers have, taking on something that at the same time is a whole. The unity in the difference. So I asked them to tell me some few words about what they had felt doing this project.

Abi Kent

Vancouver (Canada)
Instagram: @abigaileveline_

travelling dress collective

travelling dress photography

“I loved this versatile wedding dress and the uncertainty of how each photographer would shape it and make it their own with their vision. I took my model into an urban centre and just let myself be inspired by what I saw in front of me. It was an absolute blast! I am so glad I got to be a part of this project! Thank you Mireia and Mariona for being a part of the journey and lending us such a stunning dress!”

Michelle Fox

Toronto (Canada)
Instagram: @wearefoxphotography

Mimetik wedding dress

versatile wedding dress Mimetik

Jasmine Abbey

Hawaii (USA)
Instagram: @newwavehawaii

beach wedding dress

wedding at the beach dress

“When I saw the dress I thought that the session should be one about a natural, authentic love.. one that will go to the ends of the earth for the other. I chose a location that had both rocky cliffs and ocean depths to really showcase the dress and to make the images feel very dramatic.”

Kristen Giles

Texas (USA)
Instagram: @kristenkgiles

rustic wedding dress

alternative wedding dress

“Photographing this versatile wedding dress was an absolute dream for this project. I was anxious from the moment I completed my part of the series that evening in Joshua Tree. I couldn’t wait to see what the others had created.”

Kristina Yamamoto

California (USA)
Instagram: @kristinamoto
Instagram: @kristinamotoweddings

hipster wedding dress

wedding dress daring bride

“With the neutral colors and flowing length of the dress, I chose to photograph this piece in the mountains of San Diego where I knew there would be some dramatic scenery. I wanted to convey a feeling of strength, beauty, and emotion to show the wildness and versatility that this dress could lend itself to. Kristen did an amazing job organizing everything and choosing a talented group of women to work on this project. I thought it was a great idea to have everyone wait until the project was finished to see how each of the other photographers chose to photograph the dress. I’m so glad to have been included in this project!”

Brandy Britton

Arizona (USA)
Instagram: @brandybrittonphoto

maternity wedding dress

wedding dress mommy to be

“In such a creative industry, I was thrilled that this versatile wedding dress also complimented the body of a mother, gracefully showing her beautiful bump. The neutral tones are an exquisite combination for any style, especially here in the desert ❤️ I was thrilled to use this dress and show just how diverse it is… I was honored to be included amongst some truly talented beings…”

Taylor Lange

Texas (USA)
Instagram: @taylorelizabethphoto

hipster wedding dress

urban wedding dress

“I loved how Kristen chose photographers from so many different parts of North America to participate in this project. I was so excited to see the differences in scenery, light, and photographic style as the dress traveled from California, across Canada, to Texas, back to California, all the way down to Hawaii, and finally ending in Arizona.

With the exception of a few months in the dead of winter, Houston’s weather is characterized by the heat and humidity. And let’s face it; Houston, although a wonderful city, is not known for its beautiful scenery. So, living in Houston, I decided to use an air conditioned industrial space characteristic of my city.

I loved seeing the different terrain, themes, and how each photographer chose to style this beautiful and versatile wedding dress. I was honored to have been a participant in this project amongst such talented photographers, beautiful models, and an impeccably designed dress.”

I’m thrilled by the words of these photographers with so much talent, who have made real works of art with these photos. They have shown better than anyone that with a versatile wedding dress like the Gala Rustic in Golden lace you can get all kinds of shapes and effects, highlighting the natural and authentic beauty of each woman. I believe that they, powerful professional women from different parts of the world, have shaped it in a beautiful way. I want to thank you with all my heart, it has been a real pleasure. I’d love to collaborate again on an initiative like this, count on me for what you need ♥.

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