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Living Coral: time for your new coral dress

Living Coral: time for your new coral dress

living coral If you like to look bright and fun, this is your year. It’s the perfect time to get the coral dress you’ve been wanting for a while. As I explained to you last year in this post about the Ultraviolet color, each year the “color of the year” is decided. In the case of this 2019 is the Living Coral, a beautiful and full of light coral color.

The ideal palette for your coral dress

coral palette Both for a party and for a group of bridesmaids a coral colored dress can be ideal. Especially for spring and summer events. Also, as I will tell you later, it is a perfect color to create chromatic scales. It will give much life to any of your celebrations. Here you have my selection of coral dresses from Mimètik Bcn with which I assure you that you will bring light wherever you go.

Our Gala, a coral dress super convertible and ideal for summer events

Gala Essential

The Gala Essential coral dress is a convertible and versatile dress, perfect for bridesmaids, wedding guests and parties. You can wear the dress in countless ways, making it the ideal dress for every woman and every occasion. Find your favorite position, or try them all, use it again and again! Each time it’s a new and different dress! coral dress for wedding You also have the option to enjoy the Gala Essential in Short. Being short, it will give you even more versatility to be able to wear it on different occasions. Combine it with a lace or tulle accessory to achieve a more elegant look, or wear it on a beautiful spring day to be gorgeous at the same time as super comfortable. Awake your creativity! short coral dress for party

With accessories

A single lace accessory can completely renew the look of your dress. Here I propose that you add an ivory lace accessory skirt to your coral dress to give it a softer touch. Or you can also choose a black lace accessory skirt and a bandana to create the beautiful short-long effect you see in the second photo. And, if you prefer, you can simply add a short black lace skirt that will match perfectly with your short Gala. As you see in these photos, it will give a new look to your coral dress. You’ll see, you can create super stylish and moldable styles. lace coral dress short lace coral dress black and coral dress with lace skirt

Combine a coral dress on a scale of colors

As I mentioned before, I recommend that if you are thinking about a coral dress for your bridesmaids the option of the color scale is ideal. Also if you are a group that is also considering this color. A scale in coral tones is ideal for a romantic wedding. Personally, I recommend you to combine your Gala Essential coral dress with our Gala Essential Powder Pink, our Gala Essential Peach or our Gala Essential Rose Quartz. powder pink dress for guest nude dress for wedding rose quartz bridesmaid dress Here you can see the musicians of Zaria Trio (IG @zariatrio) looking gorgeous with the Gala Essential in Rose Quartz, Coral and Peach respectively. pink color scale dresses

Our Frida, a super elegant long-sleeve coral dress ideal for evening events

If you like more to wear three-quarter sleeves or if you love a close-fitting neckline with the bare back, I recommend you the Frida Essential. With the Frida you will have a coral dress ideal for evening events, with which you will be super elegant. In addition, it’s also convertible, so you can have a lot of styles: with the neckline front, back, with only one sleeve, tied to the neck, etc. long sleeve coral dress coral dress low back neckline

Are you looking for something more casual?

If you would love to wear a coral dress in a more casual way, you have the perfect option. We have the last units of the Coffee dress in our outlet section, where you can find a lot of opportunities. Don’t you know it yet? You just have to click here! coral cocktail dress

This is the year for your coral dress

As you have seen, a coral dress can be the perfect choice in a lot of situations. Everything will depend on how you combine it and the accessories with which you present it. I’m sure that such a bright color will bring you a lot of energy and positivism. Also, you have seen all the possibilities you have with Mimètik dresses. I say goodbye with this beautiful photo. It’s by Jed Nguyen, of a Gala Essential Coral, on this beautiful cliff with a sea breeze so alive that I can almost feel it. coral beach dress Lots of love, Firma-email-marketing-Mireia-300x88    ]]>


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