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Bridal Masks that you can’t miss out

“Always stay positive, even in the darkest times” is definitely one of my mottos. And I have never put it into practice more than in this weird year that we are going through. With this believe ingrained in me, as soon as we saw that face masks were a mandatory accessory, which helped prevent the spread of the virus … and with which you could feel beautiful (wink, wink) we got down to work so that you had your bridal mask or lush mask.

The best part of it: the great interest we find out there for our reusable masks.

You asked a lot about our masks for brides (and also for guests, bridesmaid and wedding attendees). In fact, there are weeks that this is the main question in my private messages on Instagram. Of course, that makes me very happy, because it means that weddings are being celebrated and that life continues, perhaps even more eager and stronger.

We make your approved fabric bridal masks exactly the way you want it and using our fabric and color swatch, but I thought you would like to know the most requested masks by my Mimètik Tribe. It will surely help you to choose from all the variety we have:

1. Bridal masks in ivory lace

A classic! Our Best Seller is the Gala Vintage in ivory lace and this is its perfect match. You can buy it with the design of a surgical mask, but the most suitable is the one that looks like an FPP2. The layer that is in contact with the face is made of approved fabric, to which we have added a lace overlay that does not reduce its breathability. The lace is ivory – it’s not pure white, very bohemian.

Ivory lace face mask

2. Approved fabric masks in black lace

Very sophisticated, this face mask is one of the most requested for guests. As it has a black overlay, it can be easily combined with any Gala Essential or Gala Limited Edition dress. If you want, you can also add a black lace shawl for a total look. As always, any layer that you add can be used at other times and with different dresses, because if there is something I like, it is the versatility of dressing.

Bridal mask in black lace

3. Ivory tulle bridal masks

This bridal mask is the most delicate option and the one I recommend the most in the Atelier, because it easily combines with everything. Do you have a Golden Dots overskirt? It combines with it. Is your dress a Rustic Gala with a Golden Lace overskirt? It’s also a good match. Are you wearing an ivory shawl? Total match! Its subtlety makes it the most suitable handmade bridal mask when you want to get away from ivory lace. This mask, normally ordered in the rectangular shape, like a surgical one, can be used in other special moments: you will only have to wash it after the wedding and store it carefully.

Bridal mask in ivory tulle

Handmade bridal masks

I know that cloth masks are being sold in a thousand places, like Decathlon or Mango, to mention two very different places. But ours have the charm of craftsmanship. They are a Mimètik: handmade and heartmade in our little Atelier in Barcelona. Made from the heart, exactly how I feel it. If you come to the Atelier, by appointment, you will be able to see the masks sample and all the thousand possibilities you have to feel both safe and beautiful. As I said at the beginning, you have to always take the good with the bad.

Lush face masks: the perfect gift

Our fashionable masks come packaged with great care, which can be a perfect gift for the bride or the mother of the bride. If it is a gift that you are making, it is always a good idea to indicate it in the message of the online purchase, so we can also put a floral detail that will make the gift even more special.

Do you already have your bridal mask or guest mask? Do you like the ones we have chosen for you?


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Hi! My name is Mireia, creator of Mimètik Bcn and designer of women’s dresses for bohemian weddings.

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