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I introduce you my New Bridal Collection!

Frida Kahlo.
Finishing this collection has been months of work and I’m so happy that, with every new collection, we reach more future brides and bridesmaids. All the time in new parts of the world!
You already know that I design my dresses with the authentic, natural and free-spirited woman in mind. But today I will tell you more about the concept and ideas behind this new bridal collection. I hope you will find a moment during your wonderful day to read about my new collection!<3
As you know my motto is versatility, to discourage excessive consumption which is leading to the destruction of the planet . I’m therefore always thinking of pieces that can be carried in different ways , convertibles, suitable for different situations and events, also after the wedding.
I am also very supportive of women’s empowerment . Everyone is beautiful and I want to help each one of you to find your own style, one that really makes You feel like You! My clothes fit all the different bodies and allows you to highlight the parts of your body that you like a little extra.
By now you probably know by own experience, or by taking a quick look in your closet, which clothes works best for you. Whether you prefer your dresses to be strapless or if you prefer a v-neck cut. Or maybe you want to show off your beautiful back with an open back dress. And also whether you prefer a natural high waist or if you prefer a lower waist over the hips. This only you can know!
But even if we know ourselves well, we can’t help to be wrong sometimes. Sometimes we think that a garment will look great on us, but once trying it on we see that is not what suits us. That’s why I make clothes with which you can easily try a different style. Choose to cover more or less of your back and neckline, wear high in the waist or resting on the hip, finding the style you like the best. We’re all different and that’s what I love!
In this new collection I have introduced a line separates, so that you can create your own assembly, with tops and skirts. A very comfortable and trendy choice that also easily can be worn also after your wedding. Wear your skirt with a top in a different color, or the top with your regular skirts or pants, and you will no longer look like a bride.
We have worked hard to ensure that all pieces are convertible or basic pieces that are easy to complement. So why not complement your two-piece dress with a lace bolero or a glittering belt . You will look radiant!
Following the line of my first bridal collection, I’ve continued working with the lace, my favorite fabric. I think it’s a fabric that highlights the femininity of a woman and that gives a vintage, romantic and elegant touch. The soft transparency of the lace brings a lot of sensuality and in the golden colors, more prominence. And the floral pattern, so naturalistic and romantic.
If you’ve read my earlier post , you’ll know that what I like about a bride is naturalness. For me, for the bride to show her true self, is the key, and that means not pretending anything. Let your natural beauty shine.
For me the hairstyle that you wear on your wedding is extremely important, and will tie the whole look together. Every bride has seen the catalogs with perfectly styled up-dos. I , instead, love for brides to let their hair down. I don’t know why so many hairdressers insist on making their wedding styles so fixed! When hair look so beautiful when just let loose.
So I prefer a relaxed styling, as applied in my designs, focusing on the bride, to make you feel gorgeous, yet comfortable. So that you can devote yourself to one of the most important days of your life, to enjoy the time with your family and friends and just be happy .
Handmade and custom

All of our custom made dresses are now made in our new Showroom in Barcelona, in the most beautifully apartment in the city. We make them after your personal measurements and in your choice of colors and fabrics. We are open to customizations and specific requests, making a unique dress for every bride. Because we want you to be 100 % sure to receive a dress that you love. I think it will help you understand what you need to be take into account . And if you are hesitant about purchase a tailored dress over the Internet, do not hesitate to ask us all of your questions.
And if you have questions about ordering a suit, you can read the post I wrote last week, I think it will help you understand what you need to be take into account . And if you are hesitant about purchase a tailored dress over the Internet, do not hesitate to ask us all of your questions. Our earlier clients can confirm that you can expect good and clear communication with us. <3
Thanks for reading and for your interest in the new bridal collection that we are presenting. As I always say, I could not do it without you. Thank you!


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Hi! My name is Mireia, creator of Mimètik Bcn and designer of women’s dresses for bohemian weddings.

2 thoughts on “I introduce you my New Bridal Collection!”

  1. maura valcanover

    My biggest congratulations! Your work is amazing..And The more l look At your dresses The more l am sure That mine Will be one of yours! In My mind l am The bride With lavander Flowers in Her Hand! Thanks for showing your new collection and to make me Dream!

    1. Dear Maura, thank you so much for your lovely words! I’m very excited with your comments and that you like my new collection<3 I'm waiting forward to see you with your lavender flowers, I adore the idea! XXX LOVE

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