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Gala Limited Edition | Super party dresses

my last post, you will know that I’m full of new looks that you will love. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “Mireia, normally everything is related to weddings, and I don’t need it anymore”. Well, not today. Today I want to show you the designs of the new collection for bridesmaid and party dresses. They are spectacular, made with textures and materials combined, and are a great opportunity to be gorgeous and super comfortable to all kinds of events.
This new collection of convertible party dresses is called “Gala Limited Edition“, because it’s a very exclusive collection with limited units. As you’ll see in the photos, it’s another totally different look from traditional convertible dresses. They continue to maintain versatility, but they are designs of a different matter. In addition, you’ll see that they differ in style between them, so you’ll have lots of possibilities to choose from and go perfect to your super event!

Ribbed dresses for bridesmaid or guest

Here I introduce you the Gala Limited Edition Pink Champagne and the Gala Limited Edition Placid Blue. These are designs with super delicate colors that will look great as prom dresses. Whether you’re into nude dresses or denim dresses, they’ll give you a different matter thanks to the ribbed fabric with a shiny look in the strips. Also, although you know that I am not a fan of assigning colors to genres, these designs can also be very good as dresses for baby showers, you will be divine and super comfortable!
The contrast with the ribbons with the skin is super nice, and makes it a perfect dress to flaunt the back. As I was saying, although now we use other materials or even shapes, I like to keep betting on the versatility of convertible dresses, which are molded by the body of the woman who wears it, and not the other way around.
That’s why I think these rib knit dresses are an ideal choice for bridesmaids, because, like the Essential collection of convertible dresses for maid of honor and guest, they let each of the girls bring personality to the dress. Also think that it’s a fantastic opportunity to combine this dress with others or with more accessories and go matched with your friends. For example, think of the Gala Limited Edition Pink Champagne combined with a Gala Essential Rose Quartz, or a Powder Pink, for your fellow bridesmaid. Or perhaps adding a silky pink tulle skirt, to have a sweeter look and be the cutest at the party.

Metallic dresses for parties

Wow. It’s the first word that comes to the mind after having seen these spectacular metallic dresses. Doesn’t it happen to you that just seeing them makes you want to have an event to put them on? Because I confess that to me it’s a yes. Think, for example, of your prom and of yourself wearing one of our exuberant Gala Ruby or Sapphire. It would be impossible not to notice how spectacular you would be. Or, for example, if you still have pending the dress that you want to wear at New Year’s Eve, I recommend the Gala Onyx. The black with small golden highlights is a sure bet, with which you will triumph and you will go with a super elegant dress. Also, remember that this entire collection is convertible, so I’m sure you can wear it back on another occasion.
If you prefer something more subtle and wearable, but with that little touch of metallic dress, I recommend the Gala Gold and the Gala Silver. These two convertible long dresses that are also from the new Limited Edition collection and are ideal if you have a not so festive event but in which you also want to go beautiful and comfortable.
In these photos you can appreciate the high quality of the fabric of the Limited Edition collection. I think the effects of the shiny fabric of the more metallic dresses, Gala Sapphire and Gala Ruby, are super impressive and luxurious. Also the gold-gilt fabric of the Gala Onyx is gorgeous, super elegant and subtle at the same time. And finally, the marbled fabric of the Gala Gold (and the Gala Silver) is super nice and grateful, you’ll see that you’re super comfortable and you feel great with it!
In addition, there’s a detail that I would like to share with you, and that is the reason for the names of the dresses in this collection. If you have noticed, the metallic dresses have all the names of stones and precious materials (Sapphire, Gold, etc.). This is very much in line with what sometime I have mentioned to you: I think the woman is already beautiful by nature, and a dress has to enhance this natural beauty, not camouflage it or transform it. When I think of new collections, new colors, new materials, etc. I like to transmit an idea: you will shine with your own light.
That’s all for today! I hope you felt inspired ♥ What dress did you like the most? And in what position? Tell me in the comments! By the way, I don’t know if you know it, but we have a Youtube channel where we post videotutorials to learn a thousand ways to wrap your dress, ideas about your wedding, stories about Mimètik weddings and many other things! You can go to the channel by clicking here.
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