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Destination wedding in Barcelona

destination-wedding-barcelona-palo-altoFoto by Palo Alto Market

Urban destination wedding in Barcelona, Palo Alto
Last September I went to the best wedding of the year. It was held in Palo Alto, which consist of a group of buildings with an industrial past in the Eixample district of Barcelona. It is a magical space where brick architecture meets lush vegetation. This is where, every first weekend of the month, the Palo Alto Market is held. If you have the opportunity to visit it, do not hesitate; You will enjoy a festive atmosphere while you meet a great variety of local artists.
If spending a Saturday in Palo Alto Market is cool, imagine a wedding during all day in this space. Amazing! A todo confetti is the name of the wedding planners who organized the wedding in Barcelona and it could not have gone better. All details were chosen wisely and so was the decoration for the ceremony, in the same building as where the party was held. I’d like to emphasize the floral details that decorated the tables, made by Flowers by Bornay, they were wonderful.

destination-wedding-barcelona-food-trucks-palo-altoFoto by Mammaproof

One detail that made the atmosphere even more magical was the space where the dinner and the dance were celebrated. It was very dark, almost as if we were in a nightclub atmosphere. You’ll find this wonderful wedding in Barcelona in the wedding planner’s blog A todo confetti.


Les Cols, 2 Michelin stars, Olot, La Garrotxa
La Garrotxa is paradise. If you are looking for a wedding surrounded by nature, authenticity, open air and slow food, this space is your place.
Located an hour and a half from Barcelona, the landscape of La Garrotxa will enchant you. You can enjoy the contrast of volcanic rock and green forests from inside the restaurant.
What fascinates me most about this place is the unique meeting between nature and industry, tradition and modernity, ofund by Fina Puigdevall, owner and head chef of Les Cols. The restaurant, located in a traditional Catalan farmhouse, has the space for banquets. It’s a brilliant work project made by RCR Arquitectes. If you have read my bio you know that my “real” profession is architecture, and I can tell you that Les Cols is a must see, both for its cuisine (2 Michelin stars), and for the architectural work. The RCR Arquitectes office has won several international awards.
A wedding celebration in Les Cols is such an experience. The space is completely transparent, even the tables and chairs. This makes you feel in direct contact with nature.
In this description they express the feeling of the place to perfection:
“Evoking the past. Meet abroad, search for a fountain, under the shade of a grove, the family meal in the countryside.
Evoking the great outdoors. Sit under the sky to eat, surrounded by air, trees, visual, but lose the mystery that keeps the enclosure, part of a place, the farmhouse Les Cols.”
Ah! And if you choose to celebrate your upcoming wedding at Les Cols, I recommend you to stay in one of its 5 pavilions Les Cols. You’ll see!
What do you think about these two places for the celebration of your wedding in Barcelona? Have you attended a celebration in Palo Alto or Les Cols? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below
A hug, I see you next week!


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