Cristina + Ramon, a bohemian wedding with a van

holabehippie where you’ll see where are they traveling.
Their Proposal
Cristina wasn’t expecting anything while Ramon took here to dinner to the same restaurant they had been in their first date. A small restaurant in the Born of Barcelona, a modern neighborhood near the sea. He told her that doesn’t matter where or how, but he wanted to spend all his live with her. Sincere and simple. She felt absolutely thrilled, he put a ring on her finger and she said yes. They will be always together ♥
The place
This two mountain lovers wanted a rustic and countryside wedding surrounded by nature and with a lovely spring sunset. Of course with their families and old friends. They chose a 300 years old country house made of stone, in Osona, with lots of farming, horses, small towns and with Pedraforca at the background.
Special details
Cristina and Ramon wanted their personality, natural and warm, to be reflected in all the wedding decoration. Their vintage van should be in an important place, so they decided to place it in the entrance, to welcome the guests. They also had a very special guest book, two vintage skis, in honor to Ramon’s passion.
Real-rustic-wedding-mimetikbcn-holabehippie-memories  Real-rustic-wedding-mimetikbcn-holabehippie-couple
The couple chose the white color for the wedding decoration to reflect their naturalness, pureness and freshness. The old country house was all decorated with paniculata, daisies and lavender and combined them with warmth of wood and grain.
Cristina wanted their close friends to have a very important role in her wedding and she invited them to be her bridesmaid. She chose the navy blue long dress by Mimètik Bcn to dress all the same but in different styles, so all of the girls can reflect her own personality. She completed the look with corsages made by Lito & Lola, matching with her white flower crown.
With the same theme like all of the bohemian wedding and having the idea of being a natural bride, Cristina decided to go for a wild and rustic bouquet, made Molist Floristes. It seemed that she had just picked the flowers from the forest.
Cristina and Ramon wanted to celebrate the dance in the old straw loft. They decorated the space with a lot of candles, a candy bar with an amazing Red Velvet cake made by Platitos de Azúcar with a customized cake topper by Mr and Mrs by Ani.
Real-rustic-wedding-mimetikbcn-holabehippie-bride  Real-rustic-wedding-mimetikbcn-holabehippie-cake
And all the pictures of the Big Day were taken by Mujer y Marido with a lot of love.
Tip for brides

“If at the end of your big day you’re married with the one you love, everything has gone well. Other things are not that important.”

I don’t know what you think, but I have goose bumps every time I re-read their history. This two are true love. And the best thing is that they had a very authentic wedding day, reflecting what they essentially are: a couple passionate about mountain, van trips and slow life. I love them!

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