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Remember when Mimètik Bcn…

When we talked with Mimètik Bcn’s team about writing an article about Mimètik Bcn’s Old Times, two feelings came over me:
First, I felt the weight of time over me. This year we turned 12 years old and, good heavens, who was going to say that this would last longer than the hobbie of a 20-year-old girl who liked to go to craft fairs to sell.
The other feeling that came over me is shame, and not alien, precisely. What? Do you want me to explain the beginnings of Mimètik Bcn? But they don’t have any glamour! They are the most chaotic thing of the world… What will our brides think when they see me with the looks that I had going around the markets of half Spain?
They will love it” was Mariona’s response. Ok, blind faith in my team. Let’s go on.

The Old Times

So I present officially the debut of Mimètik Bcn in the markets, specifically the Pulgas Mix in Barcelona. As you can see, I still didn’t dedicate myself to bridal dresses, luckily, because in this environment, I don’t see that they would have been very successful!
origen mimetik bcn
These are the beginnings of my brand, which began as a signature of convertible, feminine and urban dresses, with an elegant touch in some of the designs, but basically to wear on the day-to-day. This was 2007, as I was saying, the Old Times. Now it’s nothing alike like how are we now, just have to see the new collections for brides and guest that I took recently. You will see (I hope) the big differences.
Here you can see some of the catalogs that I designed myself with Photoshop (forgive me, if you’re a graphic designer). As the dresses were (and still are) convertible, I thought it would be a good idea to do as an Ikea instruction manual. And I asked my sister and a friend to pose divines for me.
Now I tell all my E-School students that,  for heaven’s sake, to not use their acquaintances as models of clothes; It’s not a very professional way to show the dresses, although they are very cute!
mimetik bcn urban origins
This style, fortunately, has no point of comparison with the guide I did recently to help you choose your wedding dress. I even made a video explaining it! If you want to keep an eye on it, you can access through here.
Returning to the topic of disastrous guides, I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to work and I designed some postcards with my star models:
milu mimetik bcn
Although I worked with models, I can’t deny that I also asked my friends to pose for some photos.
red dress mimetik bcn
gala mimetik bcn red party dress
Mireia Solsona Mimetik Bcn
As you see, I did everything in my project; from design, marketing, photos, communication, everything! I remember my beginnings with a lot of love, hard years of work but with great enthusiasm.
Mimetik Bcn Mireia Solsona
Even I did as a model in a photo session during my pregnancy! I put on a Frida Romantic in rose quartz lace. Lovely ♥
boho dress photoshooting baby shower

Fashion shows

Little by little I began to professionalize myself and get into the world of fashion. If you have been following me for a long time, you will know that I am a training architect and I had no idea how to connect with a world that I was passionate about, but at the same time totally unknown to me.
So I moved a lot, I signed up for all the events, fashion shows, presentations, markets, etc. to be visible, so that the brand was made known.
This was one of my first parades, in Barcelona. I remember it with great enthusiasm. I did the choreography myself, where a lot of models were demonstrating on the stage the different steps that each of the positions of my dresses had. It was super exciting the coordination we got!
mimetik bcn market
And little by little we have been improving in the staging, which culminated with the presentation of the bridal collection at the Bcn Ethical Fashion Fest.
lace dress for party
If you want to see the video of the fashion show, click here.
And here Mariona and I congratulating the models for their good work. We were excited to see the hard work that had cost us to get there and how these girls presented it so well on stage. (You can also verify that we have a medium height, hahaha).
lace party dress mimetik bcn

Online Sale

In 2009, in the midst of the economic crisis, I saw very clearly that I had to focus on external sales. The economic situation of the country didn’t allow the bet for new projects, so I thought that the solution was to export. If you want to know the full story, I tell it in my personal blog here.
But of course, who would buy a dress online? This is the question that everyone asked me. And it’s true, although I was optimistic, I didn’t see it very easy. But I also launched and created my store on Etsy, an American platform specializing in handmade products.
And I did it. You don’t know the dance of emotion that I did when I received the first order … from Australia! Then I knew that I had hit the nail on the head, I had to put all my efforts into making myself known in Australia, Canada and the USA.
So I did it. During the following years I focused on online sales. Designing and making the dresses of hundreds of brides of the United States especially, where the Bohemian Weddings were beginning to be discovered. And these brides gave me such nice comments in my online shop that other brides wrote to me saying that they were scared infinite to buy their wedding dress online, but that they had fallen in love with my designs and that the words of other brides encouraged them to overcome this fear . And you can’t imagine how happy I felt, knowing that I had helped one more bride to feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I’m still excited when I receive messages from our brides.
reviews mimetik bcn reviews mimetik bcn
mimetik bcn reviews
mimetik bcn bohemian bride
And then the next challenge came. We made ourselves known in Europe and they began to write to me brides from different parts of the continent saying that they wanted to come to Barcelona to try on my clothes. They had fallen in love with my designs and, as they loved the city, it was the perfect excuse to get away for a few days.
OMG, but I had the entire store oriented to online sales! I didn’t have an atelier to attend to my brides in situ.
mimetik bcn rustic wedding dress
mimetik bcn rustic wedding dress
I started thinking about it … should I offer the chance to try on my clothes? It was clear to me that it would be a dream to meet my brides in person. So I launched and opened an atelier on the most beautiful street in Barcelona.
mimetik bcn atelier
This image is from the day we rent the atelier. What faces of happiness and how much rehabilitation work awaited us!
atelier boho brides mimetik bcn
A few months later, until late at night fixing the atelier with my family and Veronica, super friend and the brilliant photographer who takes the photos of Mimètik Bcn today.
bohemian brides atelier mimetik bcn
A few months later, with my greatest creation and joy on the table ♥
wedding with dogs mimetik bcn
As you can see, my dear Pluto also contributed to his reform. He wants to play all day!


It’s time for me to talk to you about the super team of wonderful women that I have by my side. As you can imagine, with all the channels where Mimètik Bcn is currently present, it is impossible for a single person to carry it, as when I started. We have an online shop, we have been selling on Etsy for 10 years, we have the Atelier in Barcelona and we also sell to stores around the world. Sure, all this designing and manufacturing ourselves. And not to mention communication, marketing, attention to our brides, and a long list of things.
mimetik bcn team
We work a lot, but we also had a good time! Here we went to a Scape Room to see if the team was united and we managed to escape together.
Now, I officially introduce you to the team that works every day in our headquarter to be able to serve clients all over the world. We have been growing year after year and today I can say with great satisfaction that we are already 8 women working in this super team (Felicia accompanies us in the distance, so it does not appear in the photo).
Mimetik bcn team
Although now we are a team and Mimètik Bcn has grown a lot, I remember very fondly when Mariona joined the project, 5 years ago, and the long hours of work and photoshooting (here you can see us wanting to hang the mannequin after a 10-hour photo session with Nicola Mesken).
mimetik mireia solsona
A few months ago we were all in Madrid organizing our first traveling bridal Atelier and it was amazing. We worked a lot and we shared a flat during a weekend. Here you can see us, although Elena and Felicia are missing.
Mimetik bcn Madrid vestido novia bohemian
As you’ve seen, 12 years go a long way. They have been a brutal change in my life, both personal and professional. In these years I have seen my dream grow from being a fantasy to turning it into reality. During this time I have also grown up: I have matured, I have learned and I have even been a mother. I won’t lie to you, I have fallen a tear while remembering all the experiences I have lived during these years. The road has not been easy, but Mimètik Bcn has been growing little by little with a lot of effort. My main motivation has always been and will be to help more women feel confident while being precious and, above all, authentic. I want them to see their natural beauty enhanced, and not to hide under layers and surcharges that are not necessary.
What excites me most right now is to think about the future: if I started alone and I could get here, I can’t imagine what we will be able to do now that we are a great team.
I say goodbye now, but not before thanking all the brides, bridesmaids and guests who have trusted us to choose their dress. Thanks to all the people who have made Mimètik Bcn what it is today. I hope I can write a post like this again in 12 more years.
Lots of love,
Mireia Solsona



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