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Mimetik points of sale

When I created Mimètik more than 12 years ago, it was unthinkable for me to have the Mimètik points of sale in which we are now. I thought that having a couple of stores around Barcelona that would consider my clothes to escape, was to touch the sky. Now, more than 12 years later I can say, super proud, that Mimètik Bcn has more than 12 points of sale throughout Barcelona, Spain, Europe and even the world.

The Mimètik points of sale are a great opportunity for more people to get to know Mimètik’s style wherever they are. Nothing makes me happier than being able to dress brides from all over the world on their big day, you know that. And Mimètik points of sale are one of the most ideal ways. So if you are a future Mimètik bride or you have an event and would like to wear one of our exclusive designs, I’ll show you a little more about the Mimètik points of sale where you can find our dresses. In addition, you will see that next to each name I have put what kind of Mimètik designs you can find in each place.

Mimetik points of sale in Barcelona

If you can’t ask for a previous appointment in our bridal atelier in Barcelona or if you prefer to go walking until you find a Mimètik, the shops of Barcelona and surroundings will enchant you. All have a special charm that I’m sure you’ll fall in love with.

In this case, the representation they have of wedding dresses is just so you can make a small idea, since they have a more basic repertoire that we have available in our bridal atelier in Barcelona. If you are a bride, I recommend that you come and see us directly so we can assist you in a personalized way ♥

Gemma Povo | Wedding and party dresses

Banys Nous 7
08002 Barcelona
933 013 476

Gemma Povo mimètik point of sale Barcelona

Gemma Povo mimètik point of sale Barcelona

Gemma Povo mimètik point of sale Barcelona

Vermell | Party dresses

Verdi, 54
08012 Barcelona

Vermell puntos de venta mimètik Barcelona

Mira’m | Party dresses

Prim 111
08911 Badalona

Miram puntos de venta mimetik Badalona

Mimat Boutique Mimetik point of sale Badalona

Mima’t Boutique | Wedding and party dresses

Passeig Pere III, 75
08242 Manresa
938 748 980

Mima t Boutique Mimètik point of sale

Mimat Boutique Mimetik point of sale Manresa

Mimat Boutique Mimètik point of sale

Carmen Modas | Party dresses

C/ Sant Miquel 38
08184 Palau Solità i Plegamans
938 648 334 / 622 299 348

Carmen Modas Puntos de venta Mimètik en Catalunya

Mademoiselle Mariage | Novia y fiesta

62 Rue Masséna
69008 Lyon
(+33) 0602670672

Mimetik points of sale in the United States

When we talk about this Mimetik point of sale, the truth is that it made me especially excited. I’ve been selling online wedding dresses to great women for years, mostly in the United States, and now having my dresses in person in this country is another step for Mimètik ♥

BethAnn’s Boutique | Wedding dresses

1525 Black Rock Turnpike
Fairfield, CT (New York)
Tel. 203.493.4584

bethann boutique mimetik point of sale Estados Unidos

Mimetik points of sale in Canadá

We have had a Mimètik point of sale in Canada for several years now, and we hope to continue that way for many more! It’s close to Niagara Falls, so it’s great to get away for a moment if you’re near this idyllic place. ♥

Second Dance | Wedding and party dresses

122 St Paul Street, St Catherines
Niagara – Ontario

Second Dance puntos de venta mimetik canada

Mimetik points of sale in Tarragona (Spain)

Near the border with Aragon region, in Spain, we also have a new point of sale that I am sure you will fall in love with from the first moment you enter the establishment.

Blulê | Party dresses

Avda comarques catalanes 14
43740 Móra d’Ebre
679 205 464

Blule mimetik point of sale Tarragona

Blule mimetik point of sale Tarragona

Mimetik points of sale in Madrid

The best way to have a point of sale in a central location is to have it in the capital. If a trip to Barcelona is not your thing and you prefer to try the dress on, our Mimetik points of sale in Madrid can save the day, just ask for our designs! In these places, you will find both wedding and party dresses, and everyone has direct contact with us in case you need something they do not have at that moment.

El Tocador Vintage | Wedding and party dresses

C/ Apocada, 6
28004 Madrid
911 761 510

el tocador vintage puntos de venta mimètik madrid

el tocador vintage puntos de venta mimetik madrid

Paloma Rueda | Party dresses

C/ Santa Ana, 6
28220 Majadahonda
916 390 661

paloma rueda mimetik point of sale madrid

paloma rueda mimètik point of sale madrid

My Room | Party dresses

Sector Literatos, 26, local 1
28769 Tres Cantos
696 61 39 10

my room puntos de venta mimètik madrid

my room puntos de venta mimetik madrid

Mimetik points of sale in Mallorca

Yes! We have also reached the Islands. Our bohemian-inspired dresses could not be missing there.

Je t’aime | Wedding and party dresses

Calle Danus 1, bajo izquierda
07001 Palma
660 067 927 (cita previa)

Mimetik points of sale in France

El primero de nuestros puntos de venta internacionales está en Francia. Así que me permitirás que le tenga especial cariño a los negocios de allí que han decidido apostar por nuestros diseños. ¡Gracias! ♥

Trois Fenetres | Fiesta

5 Rue du Petit Puits
13002 Marseille
(+33) 491459135

trois fenetres mimètik point of sale Marsella

trois fenetres mimetik point of sale Marsella

See you?

Finally, if you think you can be a potential Mimètik points of sale and you would like to have our designs in your business, just write to with your proposal. We will love working with you! Or if maybe you have a favorite store in your city where you would like Mimètik to be, you can also recommend your name.

Before finishing, I wanted to thank all these Mimètik points of sale that trust us to be part of the Mimètik family. They are a great help to take Mimètik to where clients need. For example, many indecisive clients from outside Barcelona who want to see the dress because they can’t buy it online find the best solution is going to one of our Mimètik points of sale to live the experience in person. Or maybe you do not have the time to request a previous appointment at our bridal atelier in Barcelona, ​​and prefer to take a walk to the nearest Mimètik points of sale. So thanks to each and every one of these stores, you will always be part of the DNA of Mimètik ♥

Lots of love,


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