Your wedding playlist


I am a great music lover. Since I was a child, I remember spending my free time listening to songs. My father would play me the vinyl from his favorite rock artists and that is how he passed me down his passion. Since I was very young my favorite group has been Queen. At home we had all their albums on vinyl and when the CD format appeared, we started buying them again, to complete the entire collection and be able to listen to them in our car.


When I returned from school, I used to put the music program on TV to watch video clips from my favorite bands. I still can recall the stress of holding the VHS command with my finger on the red button ready to hit Record. So I made my mixes with cut songs in re-recorded tapes. You can imagine the quality!

One of the memories I have from that early age, is the day of the concert in memory of Freddie Mercury, Wembley 92. I was at my grandmother’s house, watching that collection of artists paying tribute to the great Freddie, ecstatic. Now, writing this post I have watched it entirely again on Youtube and I have had exactly the same feeling. OMG Axl Rose (yes! The new singer of AC DC hehe) singing “We will rock you”

It turns out that Freddie was going to sing at the opening ceremony of the Barcelona ’92 Olympics. I was so thrilled. To think that my idol would be singing next to my home in honor of my city made me feel so important. But it was not meant to be, that nasty disease that caused havoc in the 80s and 90s took him before.

Some years later I turned into a great fanatic with Nirvana and grunge music. I did not stop until my mother made me a wool sweater just like the one Kurt Cobain used to wear. I asked her to knit it two sizes bigger than mine, obviously! You do not know my mother, but I will tell you she was expecting a very different style for her daughter!

Kurt-Cobain-Jersey        Kurt-Cobain-in-concert-jersey

Although I love music, it’s always hard for me to choose one song for an important moment. I want the song to communicate exactly what I feel. That excites listeners as me. I want to make sure it’s the perfect song to convey what I feel.

I know it’s the same thing you’re looking for your wedding.

If you’re like me, you’ll need some planning to start picking the songs that tells your story. That’s why I thought you might like to get inspired with my Spotify playlist that I am slowly filling. You will find many types of songs that can be used for different moments of your wedding, for the ceremony and also for the party or for dancing. Sure there are many that you like and some other that will help you think of songs that have marked your history.

Check them out and get inspired to create your own list of music for your wedding. Start now your wedding playlist in Spotify and start adding your songs. Then you can simply order, add and remove those that do not fit.
I leave here a few suggestions for your wedding playlist.

Do you have your favorite song for your wedding? Which one?

I’d love to read it in the comments!



MireiaHi! I'm Mireia, creator of Mimètik Bcn and designer of women’s dresses for bohemian weddings. As you can see on my website, I am in love with the bohemian, feminine and natural style. And with the lace! Here I share real weddings of our brides and tips and inspiration for your rustic wedding and event. Have a look at my new bridal collection and bridesmaid and evening dresses.

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