My first post: About Mimètik Bcn and me


I think I’ve started writing on this post about a two hundred times. It’s so hard for me to put down in words who I am as a person and what I do and I believe that I would make a much better impression to you face-to-face than over a post like this! I guess it’s also a question of practice; in school I was always the one who the teacher had to ask to be quiet in class. But now I want to introduce myself to you. I will explain to you why I’ve dedicated eight years of my life doing the most fantastic thing there is, how I made my passion my job and why I left the world of architecture for the world of sustainable fashion.

I will have to start by thanking my parents, ever since I was a child they’ve taken me on journeys around the world. They’ve made me addicted to travel. I’ve taken any opportunity to get away and to experience other cultures, people and ways of life. In 2003, when I was in India, I experienced a cultural chock. Besides the architecture, all the colors, the smells and all the people, I absolutely fell in love with the sari, 6 meters of fabric surrounding the body in, in different ways creating different styles. My sister and I even bought us one ourselves.

about-mireia-solsona-mimetik-bcn-textile  about-mireia-solsona-mimetik-bcn

From then on, I started to notice all the traditional clothes in every country I visited. I also realized that they were often made of very geometrical patterns, convertible and in one size. In that way, they were suitable for everyone, for women pregnant or not, tall or short; and for many different occasions. That is, suitable for all women, no matter her physical differences. In Thailand they wear the trousers called Thai, made of two square pieces of fabric, en Greece the have the toga, a peice of fabric that you can wear as different garments. In Indonesia the have the sarong, that serves as a skirt as well as a pair of trousers. And I could keep writing about so many countries…

I thought it would be a good way to get back to basics. To fight the hyper-consumerism. To highlight the femininity of every woman. And so was Mimètik Bcn born. I was working so much, so so much. During the end of my final project and later on, combining the work as an architect with the creation of my clothing label. I bet everything I had for my dream. It just had to work out well. Go well. Today, eight years later and 10 000 clients from all over the world, I’m certain that it has.


So, if you didn’t know me already, this was a written presentation of me, and if you were one of the women who trusted me from the beginning I want to give you all my gratitude,

Thank you with all my heart,


It’s always hard to define yourself as a person as well as professional, so I think it’s better to read what others have to say about me, if you want to get to know me a little better.

If you would like to be a part of this community, just send me your e-mail. I’ll send you two e-mails each months, no more than that, so that you won’t feel like I’m invading your inbox, trust me.

MireiaHi! I'm Mireia, creator of Mimètik Bcn and designer of women’s dresses for bohemian weddings. As you can see on my website, I am in love with the bohemian, feminine and natural style. And with the lace! Here I share real weddings of our brides and tips and inspiration for your rustic wedding and event. Have a look at my new bridal collection and bridesmaid and evening dresses.

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